Monday, January 23, 2006

I am back!!

I am just back from vacation and had a great time in Austria. We left on fridaymorning and started driving and decided just to see how everything went on the orad. It went so great that we already arrived at our hotel that evening and lucky for us that still had one room left. So we didn't have to go looking for another hotel for one night.
Saturday we started with a nice breakfast and that we walked a 8 km walk around the village and aroud noon my parents arrived. They were already in Austria for a week, but than 130 km from the village in a little village just south of Bad Reichenhall (where the icehall collapsed just a few weeks ago). So we had lunch together and than waited for my brother to arrive which he did around 5 in the afternoon.
The next day we went crosscountryskiing and we did 12 km. When we got back I have a biog blister on my rightfoot and it was hurting awfull. That evening also my cough started. Later that week it was a real cold. My little 2 year old nephew didn;t like the snow than, but at the end of the holiday he loved it. We have been going rodling with him around the house a lot.
Monday my blister hurted bigtime and there was no way I could get in my crosscountry skiing shoe so I decided to do some walking. I did 10 km and met my DH for lunch.
I also have been reading a lot this whole vacation. I have read The Bernini Mysterie and one of his other books from Dan Brown (The Juvenalis code or something like that, don;t know the Englisch title). And I started Stone Kiss from Faye Kellerman.

Tuesday we went with my parents and sister in law for a big hike to two restaurants on a mountain which are like 10 km apart from eachother and also 10 km up the mountain and when you are down again by rodel. You have to hike for another 6 km to the hotel. So it is a big hike, but nice with the snow around you. The rodeling (hope this is the right work). I tried to get around my father and just went to fast and fell. My knee is still purple and my head hurted afterwards. So I guess that slamped to the ground too. Lucky for my my DH was far behind me so he wasn;t going over me. But by the end I won LOL.
Wednesday it was snowing all day. We had 50 cm in one day and it was beautifull. So we didn;t do anything and also made diner ourselves.
Thursday and Friday I looked over my nephew. Thursday together with my SIL and friday with my mother.
Saturday we went home and it snowed again, but not that hard. We were home around 7 in the evening.
You can see some pics in this blog. The first is from my mystery quilt from the blocks I did so far. You can see I have made 4 more after my last block and also cut some squares. I think I will be working some more on it this week, but first I am going to work on a quilt I am quilting and that I want to finish for sure this week.
Also you can find a pic of autumn pocket. I have now almost two side finished and am working on it when I am sitting on the couch. I haven't done any stitching in the vacation as I just was reading and the light was to bad to stitch. My mother did do some quilting and her quilt is almost finished. I will show a pic when she is finished as I designed it for her.
Our cat Sjors was very happy to see us and has to get hugs all day. So I will go and hug him again.
Bye for now and maybe a new pic tomorrow.


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation minus the blister and the cough. The guilt squares are really pretty as well as the Autumn pocket. Glad to have you back on the blog. CJ

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

That should be quilt squares not guilt squares. Sorry.

Nathalie said...

Those quilt squares are beautiful!