Sunday, January 29, 2006

Worked on my mysterie quilt

I have been working on my mysteriequilt last night and today. My DH was busy in the attick to get some more room there and wow we have a really big space now some walls are gone.
The next blocks I made today and yesterday. Enjoy the pics. This one is done by paperpiercing. It is not my favorite method, but it is difficult to do it wrong LOL.

Than we have here some small and easy bllocks. So now I was finished with part 1 of the mysterie.
And started on block two of part 2. This one was really hard to sew together, but I think I did great. Now I have to do it another 3 times.

Than here a pic of a charityquilt. It is not done by me, but by a lady of the list I have. I think Annelies did a very good job on it. I also stitched one of the fairies.

Now I go stitching on the february stamp it of LK again. I am going fast with it.

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Old Yankee Stitcher said...

You seem to be moving along very quickly on this mystery quilt. The colors are great and your work looks perfect. Happy Stitching,