Saturday, January 07, 2006

Some progress of my WIP and some nice stash shopping!!

These last two days I have been working on Autumn Pocket. I love how it looks, but I have to get the feeling again to work with only one thread.

Than today I went to a quiltshop near to my parents where they showed what they will be doing in the next months for workshops and classes. My mother and me are going to do the summer mysterie where we will have a late evening at the shop. We will have diner there and work on a little quilt, but you don't know yet how it will look.

Than I was looking through the shop and found the same fabric packed together for their mysterie which runs the whole year and the just started in december. And I just had to buy it. So now I am going to work a on a mysteriequilt and as you look at the pic you know it will be bright and colorfull. Also it will be 2.4 meter bij 2.4 meter which is around 95 by 95 inches. So yeah it will be huge.

Tonight I am going to work on Autumn Pocket again.


Barbara said...

Hi Judith! I followed your link from the borduurlist group - your blog is off to a great start! You are working on some beautiful projects, and that quilt material is gorgeous!

Ruth Ferguson said...


I love the fabric. I would like to learn quilting and might be something i tackle later this year or 2007.