Friday, October 26, 2007

What is keeping me busy at the moment?

Well my DH his old boss. He is not paying any salary till his new boss has paid the course he had to do for his old boss. So you can understand money is a bit tight at the moment. His old boss should have send the bill 3 weeks ago to his new boss, but only sended it a day ago, so well that is not paid yet. He will start at his new job next thursday and they want to have him very much.

Yesterday I had my applique workshop and we worked now on the real thing. I am making a hummingbird at a flower and we had to work on the wing. Hope to get both wings ready before the next lesson thursday. Will show a pic later. Am also working on Little red riding hood and it is going the right way with the next page I think only 1/4 more to go and than another page is finished.

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Yvonne aka Sommeke said...

Hééé wat jammer dat de 'oude baas' zo moeilijk doet. Hopelijk komt het toch snel in orde!