Saturday, October 06, 2007

A bag finish

Here I am with a finish. I had lots of them this past week, but can't show any till they are received. The halloween exchange and the Stitchers pocket exchange went in the mail today. Still waiting for the gratefull hearts exchange to arrive at it's destiny, that one is really taking it's time. Connie's Round Robin arrived at Liz and The babyquilt arrived at Michelle in time for the baby. I am glad she likes it. Both were send at the same time as the gratefull hearts exchange.
Here is the bag I was making for a few weeks now. Colors aren't accurate at all, they are a lot brighter is real life.

This past two days I have been sewing up a storm. I have finished up the Halloween exchange, stitching pocket exchange, Harvest time exchange, this bag and one and a half shirt. Did I do well or not. I decided I wanted to have one shirt and a pair of pants finished in two weeks for the quilting retreat, I love going away with some new cloths. Shirt will surely be finished monday night, pants will be a bit harder as they are more difficult than I am used too. They have a zipper and some other difficult stuff. Hope to draw the pattern tonight and cut it before monday.
Next weekend is the first weekend I have nothing planned and I am looking forward to that a lot. That weekend after I will be gone all weekend, so I will need a bit of rest for sure. Hope to make some blocks for the lotery at the quilting retreat the next days too.
Tomorrow I am off to my friend Jacqueline who has her birthday monday and my DH will go to the Sauna which is very close to her home and will spend the day there.


Arthemise said...

I do indeed love the baby quilt! The colors are just perfect for little Logan's bedroom.

inge said...

lovely bag!
sometimes I think you have more than 24 hours in one day! you do so much!
looking forward to the quilting retreat and seeing you again!

Vonna said...

Hi Judith! Both the bag finish here and Michelle's baby quilt are beautiful! You do lovely work :)

Carla said...

Nice bag! You sure have been very busy!

Jeanne said...

Such a cute bag! Is it a commercial pattern?