Thursday, October 04, 2007

I am back and Goals September/Oktober

I am back. I am not sore anymore only blue. We had a long weekend with rain, rain and rain. I have been invited to the belgium quilting retreat in two weeks and I am sure I will enjoy that weekend a lot. I am still very behind in blogfeeds and e-mails. I hope to show a few pics soon of things I made lately. Also I received a PIF gift from Shelina.

Things that need to be finished for September
1. Finish Halloween exchange due october 10 Done
2. Finish Stitching Pocket exchange due october 15 Done
3. Finish Babyquilt 1 Done and received by Michele
4. Finish Tulip time Done and received by my mother
Other Goals:
1. Work on Harvest time exchange Done
2. Work on quilts in progress No
3. Work on Little red riding hood No

For the rest I also finished another babyquilt that was for my colleague

Things that need to be finished in october.
1. Finish LHN exchange due november 17
2. Finish Harvest exchange due november 1
Other Goals
1. Work on Secret santa exchange
2. Work on Ornament exchange
3. Work on quilts in progress
4. Work on Susans RR
5. Work on little red riding hood.

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Dawn said...

Great job on your goals:)