Monday, April 17, 2006

Update and Finished Pillow

Yesterday I went to my parents to be at their place with easter and we had nice diner with my parents and my brother, SIL and little nephew. Job, my nephew, was cute again and he could now speak a bit better and was playing with his grandparents. He is now 2 and such a cute boy.

My mother finished the quilting of an UFO of mine. She quilted it as I had big problems with my hand with quilting this one. So I could make a pillow of it and put a pillow in it. I love how it came out. Now I have to go and do it also in blue.

Also a pic of Victoria City sampler from saturdayevening as it was very late that night and we went away very early yesterday I didn't have time to put the pic up sooner.

Anne thanks for explaining how to do the progress bars, will have a look in it in a few days.


Vikki said...

Great progess on your stitching. I love your pillow! So your sending it to me? Right? LOL

Carin said...

I love the pillow, great colors !!!
The Victoria sampler is also a beaty.

Carol said...

Nice pillow!! And I love how your JD sampler is coming right along! It is so delicate :-)

Karen's Blog said...

The pillow is wonderful and so is teh beautiful Victoria Sampler.

AnneS said...

Love the pillow - and can't wait to see it in blue :) Also your sampler is coming along beautifully :) Unfortunately I can't see your piccies in your sidebars - I had the same problem when I first started ... did you use Photobucket or another program to host the pictures? I originally just had mine on my hard drive, and that didn't work - then someone explained you had to use a web hosting program. Looking great otherwise :D