Sunday, July 08, 2007

Not much of my goals done

Well I went busy with other things and friday and saturday I had a movie/stitching marathon for myself. So I did do a lot of stitching on Little red riding hood. You can see the whole progress here. I am busy with page 7 and 8 at once. Page 7 is nearing it's end.
Hope to get some cutting done on one of the mysterie quilts today.


Iris said...

Seems you had a great copple of days ! Nice going on your stitching!

Barbara said...

Well, I would call that progress! I do love the HAED designs, but at the rate I stitch, just one would be a lifetime project. :( It's a lot of fun watching you and others do them. :)

Hanne said...

You are brave taking on such a big work !

Kitt said...

Fantastic progress Judith!

tkdchick said...

That's a huge project!