Sunday, November 16, 2008

Simplicity 3697 few B

with a few adjustments. No band on my back this time and I made my decolote a little higher, so I can wear it also with out a shirt under it.
Hated the fabric. Pic is bad, but well it is finished. Today also finished my ornament exchange and will send that wednesday with a lot of other exchanges. Hope to finish the sscs exchange also before wednesday so that one can fly away too.


inge said...


Yvonne aka sommeke said...

Hated the fabric? Om mee te werken dan toch? Mooi resultaat hoor!

Guute said...

Schoon stofje, hoor!Ge ziet er sexy uit.

Anonymous said...


I have the same pattern,hope mine urns out good. Looks good on you.

stitching sisters

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

I love your top Judith...I love that pattern and it looks really good on you too.

I am so very sorry of what you know who said about you in our stitching group that you and I belong to. I just can't imagine anybody saying anything bad about anybody in our online stitching group that we both belong to. I don't care what anybody says I admire all of your beautiful stitching both in Quilting and in Counted Cross Stitch.

You will always be my stitching friend to the very end and I hope that we can stay in touch with one another. I hope you don't leave our group.

I got to Quilt last night on my friend's Baby Quilt. I can't figure out though how to end your threads when you get to a stopping point. I know that you are suppose to put your knot on the inside but if everything is quilted around that area and you can't get your needle to the inside of your layers than how do you tie a knot at the end and hide it?

Can you help me with this Judith? If you need my email address let me know okay.

Take care & Happy Quilting/Stitching

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

Hi Judith

I got my Quilting Book out last night and I got my end of the thread problem figured out. I just have to practice it. I understand it but I also need to practice it.

Keep on Stitching and Quilting no matter what anybody else says. Like I keep saying you do beautiful work. You amaze me on how fast you can get your stitching done.

Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting

Take care Judith