Monday, December 18, 2006

Feeling relaxed

After the long bath from yesterday and finishing reading my book (if I am correct it was The third secret from Steven burry, I am sure of the name of the book, just not about the author) I feel relaxed again. I also had a nice night, not being awake half the night makes you feel a lot better.
Tomorrownight me and two of my colleagues will go visiting the colleague that got her baby to give her the quilt I made her.
Now we just have to get the finacial things again on a row.
The pic is from one of my masterpieces I already have finished and framed a few years ago, just had to post a pic as I hate only words and no pic.

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quiltpixie said...

glad things are feelingbetter with a good night's rest. Amazing how, at least in my life, when things are going bad, I forget a good sleep might change my whole perspective...