Friday, December 15, 2006

Minkee frustration finished

Yes that is how I called it as I am really frustrated about the whole thing. I am going to my beighbor in an hour and hope she will like it.
The pic is a bit strange, but that is because I am standing on a chair to make the pic.
Next quilt to finish is the autumn harvest, probaly this weekend as it is only the binding that is left to do.
And I really have to go stitching and patching again. I am so happy to have vacation in only one more week.
Edited a few hours later: My beighbor was very pleased with the quilt and it looked like she will treasure it, but use it. Lotte was a very cute girl and was deep a sleep while I was there. Now I am ready with all the gifts for this year, now I can work for myself without feeling sad about it. It was my 56 finish for this year, so I did great on my finishes and am happy with every result.
Now I have to get stitching. Our cat wants to be on my lap all day to cuddle, but I just want to stitch and I can't with him in my arms.


Iris said...

Heel erg leuk geworden !!

Hanne said...

The quilt is cute.

bunnyhead said...

So cute!

paula, the quilter said...

I was going to use Minkee on the back of a baby quilt and then I changed my mind. I am so glad I didn't use it. I'm going to make teddy bears with it instead

Mary said...

Well, it might have been a headache to make but it's very cute and minkee is so soft that I'm sure it will be treasured and well worth your effort.

ForestJane said...

What was the difficult part of using minkee? I've never tried it.