Tuesday, December 26, 2006

some more on the mysteriequilt

Here a pic of the finished pine needleroll. I gave it to my mother with christmas and she was very happy with it.
For christmas I received a book from Kathy Reichs, a book from Elisabeth George, the audiobook of Harry Potter and the secret room and a biasband maker of clover. I am very happy with the gifts and alsready am busy in the book of Kathy Reichs.
Yesterday I started the cutting for the 3 x 3 = 9 quilt and now I already finished the first block. I only have 3 more of this one to go and than I can start part 2. I really love the look of it.
Part 2 is easier, but also in one block it is very diffcult as it is a star with round corners. When part 2 is finished I will work again on the first mysteriequilt. So probaly tomorrow some more pics.
Also I decided which fabric to use for my DJ quilt. I am going to use fabrics from Moda's Nell's Flower shop and will be using some cream fabric for the background fabric.


jacq said...

hoi je needle roll ziet er mooi uit zeg! heb ik ff pech dat je hem aan je moeder hb gegeven.
ene leuk om je begin aan je nieuwe mysterie te zien, ben benieuwd hoe die gaat worden hihi.
groetjes jacq w

quiltpixie said...

sounds like you had a good Christmas... :-)

Fruit Jar Nicky said...

Lovely needle roll!!

Makes me want to dig out all the needlework kits I've had stash away since I took up quilting.

Happy Holidays!

Karen en Marc said...

Knap die needleroll. En waar ik dus echt naar uit kijk..... je Dear Jane. Die staat hier ook op de planning, niet in 1 keer, maar stukje per stukje. Ben ontzettend benieuwd dus.

Suze said...

Is the mystery quilt online. It is quite an interesting block.