Saturday, January 03, 2009

My new quilt

This week I have been busy an hour a day with my new quilt. It keeps me busy in the evening and I just wanted to show you a little bit of it.

I just sewed one of the blocks together to show. I still need to make 32 1/4 peices of the block and than I can make the rest of the blocks. There will be 20 in the end.

Also another update on EGS, just because I wanted to. Tomorrow I will kit some exchanges I need to finish next week, so the rest of the week probaly not a lot of progress on EGS. I need to finish the HoE LK exchange, SBEBB Frosty friends, SBEBB Christmas ornament exchange (my first one got lost) and something for a birthday. The frosty friends can wait a week or so.


Carolyn NC said...

Nice new quilt - love the progress on EGS!

inge said...

leuk patroon hé, ik heb ook al een quilt gemaakt met dit patroon

Guute said...

Dat blok en de stofjes zien er al veelbelovend uit!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

WOW the quilt is beautiful.
The EGS is coming along so nicely too.

Felicity said...

The English Garden Sampler is beautiful, Judith! I like the quilt too.

Happy New Year!