Thursday, December 31, 2009

How I did on my goals for 2009

Goals for 2009:
1. Bind Lentekriebels
This one is done
2. Bind Cat's Paw
This one is done
3. Finish the last round robin for the quilting sisters
This one is done
4. Finish the top of Journey of a quilter
Not done at all, also haven't worked a lot on it.
5. Make a few strip quilt and other WIM's in my closet
Well done, I used a lot of charmpacks, jellyrolls and even a fatquarterbundle.
6. Work on all the WIP quilts
This one is done
7. Finish at least 10 pages of LRRH (1 page a month)
More than done as I finished this year around 16 pages or more, not sure.
8. Finish English garden sampler
9. Stitch some things for myself
Done as Little red riding hood is for myself.

Tomorrow I will give my goals for 2010, have to think a bit about them.

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SewCalGal said...

I'm very impressed. You did an excellent job with your 2009 goals. Hymm. Maybe I need to spend more time working on my 2010 goals!