Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I am still around

Work is so busy that when I get home I am totally exhausted, so I try to rest a lot and not be behind the computer all evening. I try to stay on track with all of your blogs, but mostly looking, not much commenting.
With the relaxing I am stitching up a storm on animal shelf. I really hope to have it finished in the next weeks. Than I can get everything to the framer and have all my christmas presents that I want to make ready before christmas.
Also yesterday we heard that in March of next year there will be another quiltingretreat of some dutch quiltinglists I am on. And off course I want to go as I just loved it last april.


Screen Door said...

Take care - working is exhausting to everyone. Enjoy "window shopping" through the blogs.

Cynthia said...

working a lot can get very tiring so take a rest when you need to.

JudyL said...

I remember working and trying to find quilt so I feel for you!

Judy L.