Saturday, September 30, 2006

How did I do on my goals for september!

Goals September:

1. Finish Gerardquilt Done
2. Finish Yvonnequilt Done

1. Finish Crazy Cat lady exchange Done and on it's way
2. Finish lined seed back exchange Done and on it's way
3. Finish MTM Done
4. Stitch on animal shelf Done
Also I have finished the stitching on the needlework small exchange and finished it in a nice exchange, at least I think it looks nice.

Goals for October:

1. Finish Yvonnequilt
2. Work on the big mysteriequilt (this month we are getting the last part)

1. Finish animal shelf
2. Finish September stamp-it
3. Finish October stamp-it
4. Finish scissorfob exchange
5. Work on Little red riding hood

Finally I am quilting the Yvonnequilt and boy it will look great. First the sewing of Jacqueline was fantastic and now my meandering looks also very good. I will show a pic as soon as I can let it alone for awhile. Hopefully it will be done this week(end) so that I can take it to Jacqueline the 7th to show her and than put it in the mail, so it will be on time at Yvonne for her birthday the 15th.
Blogrolling isn't working very well at the moment, but I hope that in a day or something it will work again.


Gail said...

You accomplished so much! Good job.

Cynthia said...

i also have just listed my goals for October. I hope we'll both be able to get through our goals.

Annemarie said...

It looks like you've been extremely busy, and will be in October as well. I saw your picture of the teddy bear shelf project, and was wondering if you're using a scroll frame, and if so, if that is any good to work with. I have been thinking of getting one, but don't know if I will like it. Any advice would be appreciated!

Shelina said...

Wow, you accomplished all your goals and then some. You deserve a special treat for yourself. Looks like you are well on your way with the October goals too! Good luck with the rest.