Thursday, August 28, 2008

A compliment and a new block

Today I got a nice compliment from my colleagues when I wore this shirt I bought a dark brown top beneath it and it looks really great. Am very happy with it. Hope to make some more cloths the coming weeks. But first I am working on a few quilts. Yesterday I finished the Wetsouter quiltchallenge and it looks really great. I love the result. Pic won't be viewable till after the quiltingretreat. That was my morning sewing session, not my normal sewing session, but I was off yesterday.
Than in the afternoon/early eveningI have worked on the christmas wave to make another border on it. I try to sew at least a half hour a day and I was surprised what I already can do in a half hour. Another border is added,, only two moro to go.
Than I suddenly realized that I haven't showed you the last 1930's block I have made. Love it very much. This weekend I will make another one and I also wanted to prepare the appliqueblocks to take them with me to the quilting retreat, but that will happen the coming weeks.

1 comment:

Guute said...

jouw blok is prachtig. Ik herken er heel wat stofjes in die ik ook liggen heb.