Sunday, August 24, 2008

planned a weekend away

I got an invite to come to the begian quiltretreat for the second time and as I have off from wednesday till wednesday I decided to make it a long weekend. I will sleep from 1 till 3 october in this B&B and also the sundaynight after the weekend I will sleep there. Will take some books and off course something to quilt with me and I already know what it will be as I want to have it finished. Especially with my leg I have to get some much needed rest.
Today I finished page 22 of Little red riding hood, but won't make a pic till the next two page, when row 3 of pages is finished. Now I will go and do some sewing. I still need to finish the challenge for the quiltretreat, but that I may not show till after that weekend. I want to work on the 1930 quilt and also want to have the wavequilt ready before that same weekend to show and than the bag for the Bag exchange on Linda's blog. You see I am just to busy.
I know I am not much around at the moment, but I am just very tired at the moment. Vacation is near, only 6 more workdays and than I will be having 2 and a half weeks off, really need that.


Redwitch said...

Your B&B looks lovely Judith, I hope you have a good break and that you get some well-deserved rest.

So many quilts so little time eh?! :)

Anita said...

Heerlijk Judith, deze B en B, dat heb je van harte verdiend na al de narigheid met de been. Wat een ontzettend mooie stofjes en patronen heb je. Ga je woensdag 10 september mee naar Irma's sampler??? Ben ik ook vrij. Kan ik eindelijk onze afspraak waar maken.

inge said...

ziet er leuk uit die B&B! en ik kijk ook al weer uit naar het weekend! nog 6 weken!

katrien said...

Leuke B&B,kende hem niet eens.

Guute said...

Gezellig stadje hoor, Veurne. De naam van de B&B klinkt alleszins veelbelovend.

Anonymous said...

The B&B looks very you think you can sit outside and quilt at all while there?
Take care of that leg and enjoy your vacation!