Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Some more about the weekend.
First we had a bee in Poperinge with around 17 girls if I am correct. I have been working on Journey of a quilter there, as soon as my halloween exchange and pumpkin patch exchange are finished I will work again on that one.
Than we went to Westouter for the quiltingretreat and we had so much fun. The weather wasn't always great, but well saturday it was great weather.Here is a picture of the girls that were on the quiltingretreat. Philip our cook was a bit drunk or at least it looks like that when he took this pic.
Than all the presents I received this weekend. The week before the retreat I posted the 30.000 message on a yahoo group and all the moderators/owners gave me a fq. Than we on saturday we had a number under our seat that matched a gift on table and that is the winterfabric package. And from one of the girls we got two gifts, one is a tissueholder and the other one some sort of bag. And than the thing in the right bottom that was a gift I received sundaymorning at breakfast it is a little sewing pocket. Here you see me, Shirley and Sabine working on the quilt.

Than in February I asked a dutch group how this pattern was made you see in the pic below and we found out. Yvonne made one and called it Judith's challenge, so well after some teasing on the dutch quiltretreat in March I said that should be mine as it has my name on it. Than we made the deal I would make one for her and would be finished in september. Due to circumstances that didn't work ou on time, but well she did give me the quilt already.
In the pic you see both of them. Now I made an agreement with Yvonne that I will visit her in December to give it to her. In the pic beneath you see that first try for a quilting pattern I drawed to quilt by sewing machine. I like it very much, just have to make it a little bigger. It is a christmas flower (or well at least it should look like that).


Yvonne aka sommeke said...

Gut, dat valt me nu pas op. De jouwe is een stuk groter dan de mijne.... rente? hihi...
Het Christmas flower quiltpatroon is goedgekeurd! ;-))))))
Tot ziens begin december, hé!

Guute said...

Leuk weekend he. Ik heb mij voor de eerste keer ingeschreven voor het Nederlandse quiltweekend.

katrien said...

Leuk om nog even na te genieten.

inge said...

lekker nagenieten!

Teresa said...

Interesting looking gifts you received - I really like that orange fabric in some of them. I guess it is the fall season here, but I am really being drawn to oranges and reds and browns.

I have made a couple of those quilts you are showing, and have referred to that as a basketweave pattern. It was featured in a Fons and Porter magazine several years ago and I will be happy to send you the instructions if you like.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Looks like it was a great time!