Saturday, October 11, 2008

The first

This morning early I went to the fabric store, it was already around 9 in the morning, so yes I call that early. My DH had to leave early due to a day out with his work in Friesland. He had to be there around 10 and lucky he had to drive onlyfor 1 and a half hour, his other colleagues had to go a lot longer. They were going to sail, than walk on the land that falls dry when it is low water. I was already awake around 6.30 this morning and couldn't sleep anymore. So I was up even before my DH. Than I did the groceries and after that I went to this store which is also where I have my sewing classes and is also a quilting store around a 20 minute drive from here. I had a nice chat with the owner as I also went there to say that I won't return for sewing class as I just don't have the energy at the moment. Hennie was sad to see me go, but totally understood. I also had to buy some fabric to make pants, I came home with two fabrics for pants, both black, fabric for a tunic and fabrics to make diaper hangers and well that is the title about the first one is ready. It was sewed in I think in a little longer than one hour. Loved making it. It will go to a future baby or one that was born not so long ago. Hope my friends will like them.
Now I have to go and quilt some more on Lentekriebels, because I made good progress on that one and well I would love to have that one finished this month.
Halloween exchange was finished and send off this week too and loved how it came out.


inge said...

je hebt hele leuke stof gekocht!

Jantine said...

Zulke luierzakken heb ik ook gekregen en heel veel gebruikt! En dan dat stofje met die voetjes... en hetzelfde ruitje erbij als bies. Heel leuk!

Sandra said...

Die luierzakken vind ik echt super!! Mag ik vragen waar je het patroon vandaan hebt? En die voetjesstof is leuk!!!