Thursday, December 29, 2005

I finished something!!

Tuesday evening late I finished the next block of Nature's Home afghan. You can also find a pic of the afghan so far.

I just love stitching on this beautifull afghan and I want to have it finished in 2006. I have done some planning and it can be finished in december when I stitch one block a month or sooner when I can't stop stitching on it. I still have a lot of blocks to do, but aso a lot of small ones.

This afternoon I have off from work and tomorrow too and I will be stitching like a crazy woman on Medieval Town Mandala. The third part is really beautifull again and it is possible to have it finished before the year ends.


Jenn said...


Your afghan is beautiful! I can't wait to see your next update. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Judith you do such awesome stitching ... if my work was only a quarter as nice I'd be ontop of the world. Tell me something ... I've been stitching close to 30 yr and have yet to figure out how you stitch on the afghans without the floss showing and being where it could be caught and pulled destroying the entire design. What suggestions have you??? I have several designs that I'd like to do on one but have been afraid they'd be ruined when used ... one is a goreous portrait of Santa for the Holidays that I'd like to give a very dear friend in Germany.
Liz - Dallas TX from CCS group

Patti said...

Your cross stitch is wonderfully beautiful! I did lots of cross stitch before I started quilting, but never did wonderfully complicated work like you do.