Thursday, August 31, 2006

Well as I am on vacation tomorrow I am already doing my goals post today. As you can see I did great on my stitching anf bad on my quilting. Well now to think for next month.
Goals for August Quilting:
1. Finish part 8 of mysteriequilt
2. Finish part 2 of summertimequilt
3. Finish quilt for mother
4. Finish Gerardquilt
5. Finish Yvonnequilt
6. Finish minkeebaby quilt
1. Finish part 11 of MTM
2. Stitch on Spring snapperland
3. Find design for seedback exchange
4. Finish Crazy cat lady exchange
5. start little red hiding hood

Goals September:
1. Finish Gerardquilt
2. Finish Yvonnequilt

1. Finish Crazy Cat lady exchange
2. Finish lined seed back exchange
3. Finish MTM
4. Stitch on little red riding hood

Not much goals, but as I will be on vacation till the 16th I won;t have that much time left to finish my goals. I will take the stitching goals/deadlines with me on vacation and the Gerardquilt. Now I am off for a 2 week vacation to Italy. See you all back around the 16th of september.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

All stitching goals finished

I just finished part 11 of MTM. I will take a pic later this week as my batteries are down. I think this week I will do some beading on MTM so that I only have to do part 12 of MTM next month and it will be finished quickly as I have had it with MTM totally. It is a good thing that it is so gorgeous.
Stitching I think will be on little red riding hood some more as I don't want to stitch on my other wips at the moment.
Quilting I hope to find out how to knot a quilt and do that with the minkeequilt as soon as I am home from vacation. Also I want to finish part 7 of the big mysterie and cut the last pieces for part 2 of the little summer mysterie. Also drawn the last two celtic knots on the Gerardquilt, so that I can take that one with me on vacation and do the sewing for the binding this week, I think doing that by hand will be a nice thing to do on vacation.
Now only 3 days of work and than it is vacation.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Finished spring snapperland

Here it is. Charts are up for trade for some WDW and GAST that I need. Just e-mail me. I stitched it with the WDW and GAST they asked for. Now it is time to go and finish part 11 of MTM.
And here a pic of the fabrics that arrived yesterday. Now I have to go and think how to use the tulips.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Exchanged Gifts

My mother and me exchanged gifts yesterday. I gave her the road to Ireland and she gave me this one. Isn't it nice?

I haven't finished spring snapperland yet, but I hope to finish today or tomorrow and than start the last 3 corners of Medieval Town Mandala. Hopefully I don't have to work wednesday so that I can go and quilt that day.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


We have a stitch-a-thon at Robin's nest this weekend. I don't have a pic of far I am with spring snapperland, but I had the first design and border finished. I started the second, third and fourth design this morning and hope to get a lot done today. Tomorrow won't be a real stitching day for me as we go to my parents as my mother has her 55 birthday today and as she wasn't home today she celebrates tomorrow. So we will be in the car for 3 and a half hours a part of the day and the rest we will be at my parents. Hope she will love the quilt. I hope to show pics of spring snapperland, pine needleroll and MTM next week. I think I will take pine needleroll with me to my parents to stitch on that one.
Goals for next week will be:
1. finish part 11 of MTM ( as soon as I can print the chart another 3 times)
2. finish spring snapperland
3. work on one of the myusteriequilts

Friday, August 18, 2006

Top finished babyquilt

Well I couldn't let it be without the borders, so I just finished it.

Minkee babyquilt

There will only be a green border on it and than it is finished, but before I do that I have a question: I am using flanel as the backing, what should I do as stuffing or doesn't need it stuffing. The top is also totally with minkeefabrics, so it is already warm and adorable to touch.
Any ideas are welcome, also for the quilting. I don't want to quilt it much as it has to stay fluffy (hope I say the right word).
Now I am back to work on spring snapperland as I decided to go and stitch some more on that one. MTM stays in the freezer for awhile, maybe next week.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I have been a bad girl

I ordered some fabrics tuesday. I want to make a quilt for my mother from thesefabrics as she loves tulips and purple :-)
And a christmasquilt probaly for myself from these fabrics.
Also ordered some FQ's for two birthdayclubs I am in.
I am not doing good on my goals as I have been doing a lot of overtime on work. I did however finish one goal. Maybe today I will do another goal.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Goals for this week

Since I started Little red riding hood I have only worked on that one with a little exception for the needleroll sal, so this has to change now. Here are some goals for this week.
1. Finish top of minkee quilt
2. Work on spring snapperland and finish the first design.
3. Work on MTM and finish the next corner or more.
4. Quilt some more on the Gerardquilt (this depends on my work, it can be that I have to work more hours)

The pic is from a quilt I made for my nephew to play on and they use t a lot.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Some help needed

I see some girls cross of there goals or something in their sidebars (so that you still can see the text, but with a line through it). How do you do that?
I haven't sewn or quilted today. I did a little bit of stitching, but not a lot too. Well I did read. I just had a very lazy day after yesterday with my in-laws. I survived barely and am glad I won't see them till the new year :-)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Not much going on...

Today I haven't done much. I did take a long bath as I felt so tired and now I have energy again. In an hour we will go to Heemskerk to the bbq the weather is better than yesterday and I hope it stays that way. I am not looking forward to seeing my inlaws again, but well it is only a few times a year that I see them, lucky me. Yeah my and my inlaws are not so font on eachother.
Here is a pic of a little quilt I made for my nephew Job for christmas 2 years ago. It is an applique quilt that is now hanging in his room.

Friday, August 11, 2006

And here it is totally finished

LOL 3 blogs a day am I going crazy or what. Here is the quilt finished. The binding fabric is just a little bit darker than the inner border fabric and comes from the same fabric collection as the rest of the colored once.

Today I also started my dutch blog to please the dutch people that had problems reading my blog. Here is the link. Tonight I will work on little red riding hood or spring snapperland and tomorrow and the day after it is needleroll time.

Tomorrow we will have a bbq as my BIL has his 40th birthday and the weather is wet, wet and very wet. It has rained the whole day today and they expect the same weather tomorrow.

Quilting finished

I just completed the quilting on the road to ireland and as soon as it is dry I will add the binding. I love the look of it very much and as I have enough blocks left to do another one I will do that in the next week together with quilting the other two quilts I have to quilt. Busy busy busy.

Also an update on Littl red Riding hood. It is coming along great and I am addicted. Now I have to go and make a decision which needleroll to stitch a sheperd's Bush or an Sweethearttree or an Jeannette Douglas. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Now I have to go and do groceries and clean the house.

Pics f Sjors,

Some of you have asked for pics of Sjors and so here they are. You see him thinking why do I have to be on this pic.
Image hosted by
by judiromi
Image hosted by
by judiromi
Image hosted by
by judiromi

The quilting on the road to ireland is going great, only two more borders to go. Hope to get it finished with the binding today.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Top finished

Here is teh top of the road to ireland. This one will be for my mother and I will make another one for Hiske. I will quilt bobbins in a dark green color on the borders with thread between them. I have thought about applique, but time is just to short for that as she has her birthday the 19th of this month.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Update road to ireland

Here is a pic of my road to ireland. I will go look for border fabric tomorrow. When I can't find anyting. I will sew some more blocks to make it bigger and add no border, but will do the binding with all the fabrics. Just have to see if I can find something.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Found them..

My DH found them later on the diningtable. They were under some things and I know for sure that I looked there. Looks like just not looked very good.
Some more talking probaly later today.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Update quilting and stitching and SBQ

In the afternoon I worked again a bit on my road to ireland quilt and finished the second row. I really love how the colors come out in this quilt, maybe when I have read all the blogs I will be sewing a bit today too.

Also here some progress on Little red riding hood "roodkapje"in dutch. I already made like 3000 stitches, but it doesn't show yet.

Does anyone have a good/crazy idea where I can left my keys. I can't find them and I haven't left our house since I used them the last time to enter our house.

Do you have a favorite needlework tool that you like to work with?What is it and why do you like using it?
Yes my tacky bob which I received from Carol. It is an very easy tool when you are beading.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Started all over

I started the comfortquilt for Hiske all over again and it will be a road to ireland quilt.

I love how the fabrics work together. It is a real stashquilt as all the fabrics are from my stash, now only I have to think about the border, but I am sure I will come up with something. I don't have enough of these fabrics to use them also for the borders.

Now I am back downstairs to drink and stitch for awhile and maybe later today some more sewing.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Update stitching this week

Here are some updates from Little red riding hood

This is done 1 over one, so doesn't look like much, but there are already a lot of stitches in this little piece.

Next is spring snapperland on which I worked already some time. This weekend I will work some more on little red riding hood and also on "It's summertime quilt". Today I got the last part and it will look so great when finished. So now it is time to get it finished.

I decided to do the Hiskequilt over again as it didn't look good at all. Hope to do that next week.

And here a pic of the first quilt I ever made ro also make a quilty pic. I made this one in February 2004. It is from the Magic Patch. I made it for my mother and it is still on one of their chairs. I love it very much.

Yesterday I have been designing a quilt for my nephew which I will make together with my mother and so far I am very happy with the result. I have added a little and broke it down again. Here is the pic, what do you all think about it.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Lunette's also arrived at my place today. and I really really love it very much. It is beautifull stitched and made.

Thanks Junette for this beautifull fob and for the rest of the goodies.

And it arrived

I stitched for Paula this scissorfob for the rotation stitchers bb and I just heard it arrived.

It is "In my garden" scissorfob from Sheperd's Bush. I loved stitching it and it went very fast tii. I am glad Paula likes it.

Today I bought the lugana fabric for both Heaven and Earth designs and I am thinking of starting little red riding hood today. Just a little bit, not a lot of stitches :-)

Yesterday I also forgot to tell you all that I have payed now the total quiltingretreat I will be joining in November together with my mother from a LQS here in the neighborhood and it looks like it will be a subject with cats and as you know I love cats.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Key board is working

I had my old one still in the house, so got that one and what my computer didn't want to do this morning, did do it when I came home and I got my old one to work, so I am back.

Haven't done any sewing or quilting today, but planned to quilt on the celticquilt tomorrow and hopefully friday to get that one finished and send to his next owner. It is a charityquilt.

Yesterday I got part 10 of the big mysteriequilt which I just saw that I have lied about the measurements it will be 2.4 meter square which is 94 inches square. This next part we have to sew one block 18 times and than we have to make some rows and it will look so good. Hope to work on this one too this weekend.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Here is my first corner of MTM with beads, we will have an easy part as the last part as it will be some (I think ) specialty stitches as the flowers in these trees.
Now it is time to go to bed as I am really tired.

Gone for awhile

Due to for my keyboard and mouse not working at the moment it can be that I won't post at my blog for a few days, but maybe I can repair it tonight, you never know how it will work out. So maybe till tonight or otherwise till my computer is working well again.