Saturday, January 27, 2007

Redwork exchange finished

I finished the stitching of the redwork exchange today, now just have to do my finishing skills on this one and I hope it works out as I hope it will do.
Also for the ones wishing me a happy birthday it isn't till next month the 25th.
Tomorrow I hope to make a pic of summer snapperland for the sal and I think I will work on a dj block or on one of my machine made quilts. I know someone asked and yes I do my DJ by hand.


Susan said...

Oh, will we see it? I just love redwork!

Linda_J said...

I love redwork too or I would not be doing little snowmen but I love your stitchery. You can work rings around me, Judith!

Sorry to hear about the flu invading the household. Good vacation and then he gets sick? Hope he is much better now.