Saturday, January 27, 2007

Redwork exchange finished

I finished the stitching of the redwork exchange today, now just have to do my finishing skills on this one and I hope it works out as I hope it will do.
Also for the ones wishing me a happy birthday it isn't till next month the 25th.
Tomorrow I hope to make a pic of summer snapperland for the sal and I think I will work on a dj block or on one of my machine made quilts. I know someone asked and yes I do my DJ by hand.

Friday, January 26, 2007

It will be a hard month

Wednesday and today I already received two birthday envelopes and I may not open them till my birthday. One os from a quilting group and one from a stitching group.
Today I also finished my house exchange and a little gift for a friend. They will both go in the mail tomorrow. Today I send of my needlework smalls exchange. Hope my partners all will like what I made them and I hope to show some things in the next week.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

g7, h7 and c3

Here are the pics of the blocks I promissedn. I have now started f6, but I am now first making a start on the redwork exchange.G7 the middle block for the big DJ
H7 for the big DJ
C3 for a pillowDJ

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sorry it took a while

My DH came home sick from vacation with the flu and due to that I had to do everything here at home alone, so not much time behind the computer. I have been stitching a bit and have finished the birthdayexchange for the Robin's Nest. Now only finish it in a little something from fabric out of my stash. Also have to finish up the House exchange and than I can send them out next week. Now I am going to start the redwork exchange for SBEBB, I already know what to stitch and how I want to finish it. Now just finding the time to pic up the fabrics and thread and finish it.
Quilting wise: I have finished block h7 and g7 from the big dj and c3 from the pillow dj which is totally done from fabrics out of my stash. I will show pics later this week.

Now about my vacation. It was very nice to be with my family. Only if there would have been snow. There really wasn't much. We could ski and do some cross country skiing, but you get up high in the hills to do it. Most of the days I have played and walked with my little nephew. On thursday my father and nephew got sick with the flu. We decided to go home friday instead of saturday and on our way home my DH and brother became sick. So I had to drive all the way home and my DH was sitting next to me getting sicker and sicker. I have to say than a 11 hour drive is a bit to much for one person. Just called home and now my mother has the flu. I am likely to not get it as I got the flushott, but you never know. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Also on wednesday one of the colleagues of my mother that travelled with us had a little break in her scapula (I at least think it is called scapula in english), so she had to go see the doctor).
But in all I had a restfull vacation in which I did a lot of reading. I have finished Deja Death from Kathy Reichs and also a book from Elizabeth George, the last one I think with inspector lynley.

I have to go now to be with the patient. Talk to you all later.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I am back

Just to let you all know I am back from vacation since last night. I haven't done much on vacation than walking and reading and made half a DJ block.
Now it is bedtime. I am getting up to date with bloglines and hope to have a post tomorrow.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

On vacation

I just wanted to let you all know that are reading my blog. No idea how many people that are that I will be away on vacation as of tonight. I will be back saturday in a week. I have prepared 14 DJ blocks and I hope to work on them, but you never know. Also packed the birthday exchange for Robin's Nest and summer snapperland.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I just finished piecing DJ block F7. I really love the colors of these blocks and also working on them.

Now I have to get still 5 of them prepared to bring on my holiday. Looks like thursday will be a busy day with packing the luggage and preparing the blocks and getting my stitching packed too.

By the way I saw someone mentioning that the gold ones would look great with these. Well that will be adifferent DJ as they are for a pillow with only 9 blocks.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

DJ H-6 and G-8 finished

Here is a pic of a new DJ block. It is the first for the big DJ and it is somewhere in the middle of the quilt. I already know I will have the most difficulties with the round forms in this quilt. It is block H6 Pie Sale.
Also here block G8 which is called Justin's Comet. I have to say I really love this handwork. Hadn't thought it before, but am now happy that I started it.
I am now busy with the next one and it is already half way done, but now it is bedtime. So I will work on that one a bit more tomorrow and also will do some more ironing tomorrow to prepare some blocks for vacation.

Sorry, Sorry, Sorrry

Sorry now you are all thinking I will be doing another mysterie, but I meant to say that the fabrics will be for my big DJ quilt. I have been preparing 9 blocks yesterday with cutting freezer paper and today I hope to put them on the fabric. This 9 will be for my vacation next week.

Friday, January 05, 2007

DJ A-12 and fabric

Today I finished my house exchange, but can't show it till it is received. Next to start is my birthday exchange. Have decided for the chart, but stitching isn't a good option at the moment as I am still feeling horrible.

Today I worked some more on A-12 from the DJ quilt which is Framed Fancy and finished is. Love how it turned out.

Also got my fabric in for my big mysterie. Still two fabrics to come but they are on back order.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


If you don't see me much posting the next couple of days it is because since tuesday I am getting sicker and sicker and now I really feel sick.

I have here a pic of my first sal tuesday and well you can see I am sick as I only did such few stitches. It is summer snapperland.
I am very busy with finish stitching the house exchange. Hope to get it maybe finished today and than I hope my DH is willing to cut some board this weekend. So that I can finish before my vacation.
Also yesterday I got my redworkexchange and I have come up with a design already and will stitch that when the house exchange is finished as it is an easy one to stitch, but looks great.

Monday, January 01, 2007

What did I finish in 2006

Here is my list:
I have finished 23 quilts, from which than more than half are big quilts. 2 DJ blocks, I had 4 sewing finishes and I have finished 34 cross stitch pieces. Which results in 63 finishes in the whole year.
Not yet finished are 4 cross stitched pieces, which are little red riding hood, nature's home afghan, colonial garden and animal shelf. And 2 quilts which are both big mysteries.
In the new year I will start nother big quilt which is the DJ and some small projects. I am sure I won;t have that much quilts finished this year as I stopped with the comfort quilts.