Friday, August 31, 2007

Return gift for Virpi

I just heard my return gift for Virpi arrived in Finland, that really took a fast plane.

You see I have been in the coaster maker stage, I have to say it is a nice gift to make. As Virpi likes animals I choose this fabric line. There are elephants at the back. You can see that here . By the way for everyone likeing exchanges/swaps it is a great group.

Now I am of to eat breakfast and go to the quiltshow.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The last PIF

Here is the last PIF-gift I made. It was for Simone I saw everyone making this cute coasters and just had to make them too. The fabrics are from Moda, I bought a fat eight package from this line.

I have now vacation, yes. Tomorrow I will go visit the quiltshow in Deventer which for me is at the other side of the country. I already did make the food today and only have to finish it when I come home tomorrow. The rest of my week I will also visit Jacqueline Tuesday and some relatives of mine that live close to her. And for the rest of the vacation I will just see what comes on my way.
I am half way through my Halloween exchange and when I am lucky, tomorrow the threads will arrive for the stitching pocket exchange. Probaly I will first go and stitch the harvest exchange, but we will see what happens.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Received the What's the buzz exchange

Today I received the what's the buzz exchange from Vonna. Isn't it beautifull. Vonna and I have been partners a few times now. If I have counted right she has send two times to me now and I have send two times to her.
Yesterday I started the halloween exchange and also ordered some last threads for the stitching pocket. Also have choosen my harvest exchange.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

What a great day

I just had a nice sewing day. I have pieced the Round Robin for Connie. Started and finished the thank you gift for Virpi. Started and finished the PIF gift for Simone, which is a totally different thing than the rest of the PIF gifts, but Ijust hope she likes it. Both packages to Virpi and Simone will be probaly in the mail tuesday or wednesday, depends on if I have time to go to a shop tomorrow for the final finishing touch and also have to get an envelope for Virpi her present.

As I can't show anything I have done today here a pic of Unicorn from Teresa Wentzler which I finished 5 years or so ago. It was my first TW.

I think this week I will work on one of my mysteriequilts when I have cleaned my sewingtable again.

Finished Connie's Round Robin

I just finished the sewing on The Round Robin, I have to say I like what I have done. When you want to see it. Just leave me a message, but your e-mailaddres must be in the comment otherwise I can't send you the link or though blogger you must have installed it so hat I can reply to you by e-mail.

Next to make is a little gift for Virpi as she send me something in the crazyexchange.
Also yesterday we went on a bikingroute. It started in Middenbeemster, which is about 15 km from here and we went there by car. It was a nice route through the Beemster, Purmer and Schermer which were years ago all sea and made dry by mills, this is why you see so much mills on the pics.
The route was most of the time on dikes, but we also went through the flat country and there was a lot of wind.
Also I visted the little village of De Rijp which has a big Quiltshop where I off course have bought some fabrics, all for Connie's RR as I didn;t have fabbies that worked perfect with it.
Also the big hill of grass is a Fort I hope you call it in English the same. There are a lot of those around Amsterdam and this is not to far from us.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Well I have took a deep breath

and I am a little bit better. I will try to do the blcking Janice advised. Maybe it works to get it better. Thanks all for the nice comments. I had to go to work for an emergency, so I was all alone there and got thinking about what to do for the Round Robin. Than when I came home I got designing in EQ4 and it looks great what I have in mind and I can do it, that is for sure. I already printed the templates.

I totally @#%^&*&!!!

Sorry I am very very sad at the moment due to myself. I am only the one to blame and I am going to busy myself somewhere beneath my big pile of stash and not coming out as I just can't do anything good with it on the quilting front that is. Yes I am in tears here.
Here you can see a pic of my Fall doll quilt and well on the colors and the quilting front there is not to much to say about, as that look almost fine, but when I pieced both sides together somehow something moved and I think the quilting did make it even look worse. The only thing I like at the moment is my label. Th bog star isn't in the middle, it is a bit turned and somehow there is a curve on one side. Well it looks like I will have to make another one and go somewhere to a corner and cry loudly. Even the sitting on a horse riding with a big speed can't hide the mistakes. Something like that said the ladies from the Round Robin I am participating in. Well got my first Round Robin today and I even don't dare to touch it as the square from Connie is just beautifull. I only can mess it up. Don't you love that pineapple block? She included somefabrics we can use, but we can also use our own. I really don't have a clue how I will do the points, hope I will come up with something good.
Also she included some gifts
which I really needed as I am just very very sad. The fabric is handdyed by Connie isn't it bautifull.
By the way I also got a flattire on my bike yesterday, luckily I could take my DH's bike as walking is just a bit to far.
Well I am back hiding in a place where no one can find me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fall quilt and Round Robin

I finished my fall quilt today, it is washed and is now drying. Pic will follow when it is received. Just asked the organizer if we can send already or still have to wait a week or so.
Here you can find the pic of my Round Robin that will be send away. I am sure I will get something beautifull back.
Here is what I am going to make myself. Second Round is putting it on point. I thought this would look ok. Already have something in mind for round 3, getting it off point. Than a piecing round, than applique and than the wow round. I am more in a quilting/piecing mind at the moment than stitching. I am still busy with the gratefull hearts exchange.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fall doll quilt and a little help

I have quilted this one in the past days. Love the feather pattern. I am still worrying if my partner will like it.

Yesterday I also got the name of my secret santa, now I have to find out her likes and dislikes and than think of something to make her. Looked a bit around and I have an idea.

Here a bit of help for my partner. I got this from another blog:

Favorite colors: Fall colors, but also like bright colors. I am not really a pink person

Quilting style: traditional, but also like crazyquilts and redwork, etc. Only don;t like artquilts

Other crafts: counted cross stitch

Food likes: Like everything

Snacks/candy: chocolate and cookies also together.

Decorating style: yellow, blue, red orange in the house only the bedroom is brown/cream.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

What's the buzz exchange

I just got home from my parents and read in an e-mail from Barbara that the exchange arrived at her place.

I stitched het a bee pattern from Twisted threads. Also did the one with the beehive in the middle and the bees at the four corners, but did a totally cutting mistake and could throw it away. It is done a little by the bag pattern I bought tuesday, but I changed a few things here and there.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Shopping trip

Today I had again a shopping trip to my LQS. I needed quiltingthread for my fall quilt as you can see I have find a nice color for it.
Than well I just couldn't resist. I am a bit in the small quilts. I have 4 big quilts in my WIP pile and I just need a break with a few small ones. The fabrics you see will be used for the pattern you have seen tuesday on my last shopping spree. The tulip one and the quilt will be for my mother. It will be 16"x 20"when finished. LOL I just see in the pic that one fabric is hidden under a quiltpounce stencil I bought, well that will stay a surprise for awhile. The green and pink thread are for the applique and the neutral for the quilting. And I just had to buy another little pattern.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Also the backing ready

The backing as you can see is also pieced. I really love how both sides came out. Already have in mind what to do for the label, but that you won;t see till it is received. I probaly will do the quilting tomorrow as soon as I have figured out how to do it. Anyone a good idea? I have even been thinking of making the back the front, but not sure yet. Please let me hear what you think should be the back and what should be the front.
My what's the buzz exchange went in todays mail and probaly will arrive soon as it doesn't have to take a long journey. I am busy stitching on my Gratefull Hearts exchange and looks like that one will be finished tomorrow. Than next is the harvest exchange if I am correct.

fall dollquilt top finished

I just finished the top. But the back is also pieced. It will have one block like on the front, but than half as big. These little ones are 4 inch and the big one will be 8. There will be a little border on the back and that fabric you will also see as the binding, but that will be for later.

Today I finally found my design for the gratefull heart exchange and am busy finishing it. Just a little clue there is hardanger in it.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fall dollquilt exchange

Yesterday evening I finished the first block for the dollquilt exchange. I just love the colors and how it comes out, so probaly will also make one for myself. Everything is cutted for the top and also for the back, so when I will stay going like this I will be finished this weekend and only have to go and quilt it. I love it when exchanges are finished early.
Today I also got the address from the girl I am sending my round robin to. So I can make up a envelope and send it to Liz. Looking forward to getting started.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pholph's Scrabble Generator

My Scrabble© Score is: 32.
What is your score? Get it here.

A Crazy exchange

I just received my first piece from the Crazy exchange from Virpi. Now I have to make her something and I already decided what to make her. Now just have to finish some other things and than I can make and send it.

I am already busy with the fall quilt swap and boy it will be beautifull when finished. Hope to show a pic tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Some quilt shopping

I just have done some fun quiltshopping at my local LQS. I decided what I wanted to have as a middle block for my Round Robin and it will be one of the catblocks. Just have to decide which as I have 8 different kinds. The rest of the fabbies will be for a Round Robin on my own, just to see what I can come up with. So at the end of next year I will have 3 different kind of catquilts. Two bright Round Robins and one in fall/country colors.
Also I bought fabrics for my fallquiltswap and a pattern I just loved for the fall. That are the fabbies on the right with the pattern on top.
The fabbies on the left are for my What's the buzz exchange.
And I bought two patterns, one will be for my mother (with the tulips) and the bag will be for me.
I forgot to say last time. First I want to thank everyone for commenting recently. Also my DH didn't go biking for 100 km, but at the end it was 130 km as he got lost in Lelystad. We were all very proud of him, also total strangers.

Monday, August 13, 2007

May Flower exchange was received ...

by Heidi today and she likes it. This was a very quick stitch and finish. I had a look in my stash and found the bergamot Herbal sashet from Victoria sampler and decided to stitch this as a replacement for her as she never received from her original partner. Above os the front and below is the back. I just love the little bee on it. I am glad she likes it too.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Really needed a quilting post by now

Yes it was time for a quilting post. Sorry I have been quiet a few days, but boy life was very busy. Tuesday I had a party as my colleague was getting married and we were invited. I was very late at home and had to work the next day, so night was short and I was very tired. I am lot of e-mails behind on all my groups and also am a lot behind on blogreading. Hope to read a lot sunday as I will be leaving for the Gelderse championships for horseriding again in half an hour and I will be gone till saturdaynight late. I will sleep at my parents tonight and tomorrow my DH is coming by bike to the championships which is a ride of 96 km (sorry am to lazy to calculate the miles) and 26 km will be over the dike from Enkhuizen to Lelystad which is through the lower part of the big water in the Netherlands when you look at a map of the Netherlands (sorry also to lazy to find a pic of a map of the Netherlands). Than we will put the bike on the car and will drive home together. My parents and me and the rest he knows there will e so proud of him. LOL I won't do it in this lifetime, it is me to far.

The pic is of the first comfortquilt I made in 2005. It was for a woman who loved country and western.
This week I also signed up for a quilt round robin, my first. I have done a stitched round robin before, but now I am going to do a round robin with quilting, we will have 6 rounds (1 round per 2 months, so it will come back if I am counting right somewhere around this time next year. 15 september our middle block has to be by the first person. I already decided what to do, just have to find time to make it. Looks like I will be busy the coming two months with exchanges. My what's the buzz exchange is finished for the stitching. Just have to fin time to go to the LQS to get some nice fabrics to finish it. Than I will go and stitch the gratefull hearts exchange, and so on.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Yesterday I had a busy day as I was helping on the championships in the province of Gelderland for horsejumping and dressage. I helped with the dressage to get everything in the computer so they knew who was the champion. I was gone all day. Next weekend it will be two days, friday and saturday, but I will be sleeping at my parents that night as that is a lot closer. My DH was also with me and he went to do a nice bikeroute and visited my uncle and aunt and a niece and nephew of me who live close to where I was.
Today it is very hot and I haven't done a lot, just to hot.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

And another exchange arrived on it's destiny

I just heard that Terry got the needleroll exchange. I have stitched her the Stitcher's roll from Sheperd's Bush.
I am almost finished with the replacement exchange for Heidi. Hope to finish the stitching tonight and than finish it tomorrow and maybe also send it tomorrow.