Monday, June 02, 2008

Update on LRRH

This is my weekly update on Little red riding hood from HEAD. I started stitching on it again after finishing NHA and only had a break from it while stitching spring fever. I have finished page 17 of it now (right side of the curtains and am now nusy with the page in between. The curtains on this side are the most boring that is why I first stitch them and can now almost go working on the clock.


Anonymous said...

Really lovely work Judith.
Congrats on the finishes. LRRH is coming along really nicely.
I hope your ankle gets well soon.

dineke said...

Jaaaa, Judith, je gaat als een speer nu met roodkapje. Vanwege de constante bruinen heb ik sneewwitje even aan de kant gelegd. Gelukkig hoeft niemand je helpen met je borduurwerk. Ik hoop dat je goed nieuws te horen krijgt bij de controle. Groetjes Dineke