Sunday, March 30, 2008

A new finish and some stash

Today I finished this pinkeep for the finishing challenge of this month. The design is stitched by someone else and I received it as a rak to make something beautifull out of it. Well I decided on a pinkeep and when I heard the challenge for March was making a pinkeep well one and one is two.
Than the stash, well the pattern on the right I bought a few months ago and the fabbies next to it I bought ;ast week at fattquartershop, there will be following another envelope this week as it was send in two as it was to much for only one envelope. Than I will start this new quilt soon.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tea time exchange

Today I received a beautifull exchange from Nela in Venezuela. The cup is to put your timble in and the plate for your needles. In the cup is a little magnet, so it stays together very well. It is really beautifull made.
Today I heard some bad news about a lady in our quilt round robin, she really is vanished, to friends of mine in the UK tried to get in contact, one went to her house and it was dark and neglected. She asked the neighbor and she was gone for a some time now and only checked the house now and than. Looks like we have to start two rr's over.
At the moment I am stitching on Katrina's neighborhood rr and also quilting away on my bog starquilt. The middle star is now on to do the rest. Hope to finish the quilting this year, I am doing it by hand.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Been quilting a lot

I have been working on two quilts this week. One was for my quiltingclass and that is now finished. Now I have to go and quilt it and put on some eyes. Wednesday I will get some felt for the eyes. I loved the class very much and also have learned some new techniques that I can use on other things, like an Round robin I have to work on.
Today I have been stitching on my Here's to Ewe exchange and it is finished. I really love how it ended up.
Also I have been busy with this pillow. I had two charm packs left over from the nature's trail quilt that I am doing and well I thought let's make also a pillow for it. I just love how it came out. The corners aren't perfect, but I can live with them.
Now I am going to stitch on Katrina's Round Robin which came in the mail yesterday and I already choosen the house, it will be another one than my first time I was stitching on it. Hope she doesn't mind. This time it will be an LHN design.
I have been signing up for a bit to many exchanges as a few deadlines are in my vacation, so I will have to finish a few more in April. So there will be a lot of secret stitching going on. I will also be making a little babyquilt for my new nephew/niece with the Giggles fabric from Moda I bought last weekend.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tea time exchange

Just heard that Myrna got my tea time exchange.

Sometimes it is good to clean your sewingroom. I was storaging all my charts differently and well this design from Debbie Mum came into my hands and as we were doing an tea time exchange. I thought lets well stitch it and than go and think about how to finish. Well it became a little teabox. I still had pruple tulip fabric left from 2 years back and here is what became of it. I have to say the pic isn't perfect. I also included a pack of all kinds of tea.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I am back and a finish

The quilting retreat was great. You can see pics here . I have done a lot on the retreat I have basted my Lentekriebels quilt and finished sewing all the blocks of Journey of a quilter. Now I have to go and do the stitcheries on 7 blocks. Will place a pic of the sewed blocks later this week.
Yesterday I finished Michelle's Round Robin. I just love it.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Gone for the weekend

I am gone till sunday. I am going on a quilting retreat in the middle east of the netherlands with 50 other quilters and I am looking forward to it.
Michelle her Neighborhood round robin isn't finished yet, I didn't have enough time to stitch, but I hope it can go in the mail next wednesday, only have soe things to stitch around the house.
I am very far behind in my blogreading (1000+ feeds).

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Also am doing some stitching

As a lot of people asked me if I lately only do quilting I will show you I also have been stitching.

First I have done a lot on block 24 of Nature's Home afghan, but all the flowers are always a lot of work, so it is slow progress. Than Michelle's Round robin came in and I started that too as I have to send it out the 15th of this month. Lucky me is that I have all other deadlines finished. There went a box to RoseMarie and a box to .... . For Michelle I am stitching Halloween Alley or at least a part of it. Also going not really fast as Sjors, our cat, only wants to hug the whole day when I am home.

This morning I had my quiltcourse again and it was drawing and cuttingtime. Well you now can see how it will look at the end. Only one wing left at the right goose, but I didn't have enough fusible web. Lucky me is that I will be there again tomorrow, so I can pick some up to do also that last wing and than with the next lesson we will put a small band of fabric around all pieces, my fabric is a bright yellow one and it looks so great. Looking forward to doing some more on this one.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Round Robin

Yesterday I have been working on a round robin, I had to do the pieced border. I first thought about flying geese, but well that isn't my favorite thing to do and when I received this one in my mailbox I decided to the same pieced border. This was my favorite quilt so far as I love blue very much. I am very happy with the result.
For this next one I have to do an applique border which I will do with flowers and butterflies.
Than I have been busy with a quilt for my
quiltworkshop, on this piece there will be dancing geese. wednesday I have the next lesson.
I am also very busy with block 24 of NHA, so that I can start Michelle's RR very soon.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

What have I done in February

February was a very good month with finishes and progress.
- I finished block 23 of Nature's Home afghan and I am half way block 24, so that will be finished soon too.
- On the 6th I started Sylvia's Bridal sampler and I finished 9 blocks this month, would have loved to finish block a 10 too as than I would have the first row done.
- On the 9th I finished Annemarie's Neighborhood RR.
- One the 13th I started a quilt for my new nephew/niece and I have done 5 blocks so far, still 7 to go.
- Than I decided I will try to do one block of Journey of quilter per month and this month I have finished one, so I am on a roll with that one.
- 24th I finished the finishing on my teatime exchange and well I love it very much. Hope .... does too.
- I also finished a beautifull block for RoseMarie in a personal exchange

For March I want to do the following:
- A block of Journey of a quilter
- Finish Michelle's RR by the 15th and send it to Erin
- Finish Connie's RR by the 15th
- Finish the stitcheries for quilt for my niece/nephew
- Begin the birthdayexchange for crazyexchange (beginning of april it has to go in the mail)
- Begin the Here's to Ewe Exchange due 8th of April

The jellyroll from the zaza fabric just came in a minute ago, yeah now I can begin to design.