Sunday, June 22, 2008

Progress little red riding hood

Here my weekly progress on LRRH. I have now finished page 18 and well got a good start on page 19.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Finish 5 challenge

I have been thinking on what to do for the challenge and I decided to do the following.:

1: Carol's Round Robin (I am busy with my round which will be all applique and it is looking very good

2: Liz Round Robin, I have a great idea for this round robin, it will be a bit turned ninepatches. Pic will follow later from how I got it in.

3: Hexagonquilt (will be basting this one this weekend)

4. My dancing ducks quilt

5. This fifth is a bit of a questionmark I am thinking about Cat's Paw or Lentekriebels.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I am a happy girl

I am a very happy girl as I have my laptop since fridayevening and it is so great to being able to read all the websites now a lot better as I am now a lot closer to the screen.
Also I am doing great in not buying any fabric, this is already the 4th week without buying anything and the last buy I did was backing for a quilt, so I think buying fabric the last time was something like8 weeks ago.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Update LRRH

Just wanted to show you LRRH for this week as saturday and sunday there won't be any stitching happening as my father turned 60 tuesday and tomorrow we will be going to the zoo. Maybe I will get this page finished next week.
I have worked 3 days this week only 2 and a half hours a day and it was pretty hard, but I was glad with the distraction.

Monday, June 09, 2008

LRRH and a finish

Yesterday I heard my spring house and garden exchange finally arrived in Venezuela, took more than 7 weeks to arrive. I stitched a design from Little house needleworks. If I could remember which I would let you all know. It is just a little part of it as I wanted to finish it as a tin.
This week I have also been stitching on Little red riding hood and the second row of pages is finished now and I am busy with page 18.
I still love stitching this one very much.
Our day to Amsterdam was nice, but very tiring and I still feel it a lot. First we made filled chocolats and than we had a nice walk/ride through the Jordaan (part of Amsterdam) and after that a diner (the food was terrible and to go to the toilet I had to go up two stairs. My arms still hurt from them.
Today my DH had a job inteview and he got the job. I am so happy as he will earn more money.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Carol's Round Robin

This past 3 days I have been working on Carol's neighborhood round robin and yesterdaynight I finished it. The movie I was watching took a lot longer than was in the guide, but it was a good movie.
It is a design from Maryse called Elisa's sampler and I stitched part of it. Pic is not the best, sorry.
Tomorrow will be fun as I will go to Amsterdam by train. Luckily my colleagues will help me on and out of the train. Hope it will be a nice day.
My ankle isn't much swollen anymore and a lot less painfull.
At the moment I am mostly thinking about what we will be doing for vacation in September. Really thinking to go back to the Czech Republic, but not on the bike, but now just seeing churches, etc. LOL even thought about a sun, beach and sea vacation, but that is not really something for us.
Laptop will not be send till the 20th of June, but I can wait that long.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Good news and naughty girl

Yesterday I went back to the doctor and got finally some good news.

I don't need another very little surgery till the 8th of July to remove the screws and that will not happen on the or, but just at the doctor. And than I can start walking again. He was very happy with how it looked and we had a very nice talk.

Also monday I will start working again at leats try. The Dr said already to watch myself very carefully and not let me be rushed.

Stitching wise I am working on Carol's neighborhood rr and it going to be beautifull. Pic will follow later this week.

Quilting wise, am nothing, should do some quilting on Lentekriebels, maybe later today. And also should be working on a rr.

Than the naughty girl part. I bought a laptop today.

The pic is a design I stitched some years agao from charland designs.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Update on LRRH

This is my weekly update on Little red riding hood from HEAD. I started stitching on it again after finishing NHA and only had a break from it while stitching spring fever. I have finished page 17 of it now (right side of the curtains and am now nusy with the page in between. The curtains on this side are the most boring that is why I first stitch them and can now almost go working on the clock.