Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stashbusting report week 25

I have used some and nothing came in. Lucky me!! LOL you don't want to see the stashbusting report after my vacation. If the mail works great like almost there will be waiting 4 envelopes on me from the fatquartershop. The backing and finishing kit for the designer mysterie BOM and a fatquarter bundle from Roses the Noel.
I have used a bit of fabric for bindings and backings and also gave a bit away.I made this post already on wednesday and it will posted on sunday. Hope to find time to put it in mr linky at Judy her website.

Fabric in week 25: 0 meter
Fabric in 2009: 53.50 meter

Fabric out week 25: 2.95 meter
Fabric out 2009: 68.60 meter

Next week are half way of 2009.

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Maren said...

So long as there's more going out than coming in, I'd say you're hitting your goals pretty good. And it just so happens that fabrics purchased in the course of a vacation don't count towards your stash totals. It's true. Like swiping a brownie from someone else's plate. Stolen food has no calories; vacation fabrics take up no stash room. It's a law. Look it up. :)