Sunday, March 03, 2013

No quilting, No stitching, but ....

cooking is a lot happening in my house. I am cooking meals for other people through and last friday a reporter was following me while cooking a Chicken masala curry and a Lamb tikka masala curry. I also made two pies for one of the people that came for a meal.

The day was very busy, but so great. Lisa was a very nice lady and we had a lot of talks while I was cooking.
I also made "Duivenkater" and I have to say it almost tasted like the real thing.
The two curry's tasted both great and both the persons that came for a meal were both very happy with it.

I hope soon life will be a bit less busy and that I can clean out my sewing room and do some quilting again.


inge said...

ben ook wel benieuwd naar het artikel dat ze dan geschreven heeft! leuk dat je zoveel appreciatie krijgt!

Miranda said...

So sorry, ik ben al even niet bij je blog op bezoek geweest merk ik nu. Leuk, al die enthousiaste taartjes en niet te vergeten die maaltijden! Succes met je neiuwe uitdaging en wacht weer op je nieuwe schrijfsels...groetjes van mij

Heidi Kuijer said...

Hi Judith! It is my first visit to your blog. How good that you got involved in the Thuis afgehaald program. I have heard about it on TV. It is a great idea and I think it will be a huge success. Too bad it is cutting into your time with needle and thread but I am sure you will find time soon.

Groetjes uit Amersfoort,