Monday, November 13, 2006

A bit sick

I have a very upset stomach at the moment. It started last night and still have problems with it.

I had a very productive weekend, but I can show you only block 19 of nature's home afghan as the rest is all secret.
This weekend I also ordered the software for the DJ, so I can start that quilt in a few months, first I want to finish some others. My friend Jacqueline called me today to ask if I would like to go to a workshop paperpiercing with her and I agreed. I know I do it already in some quilts, but it is always nice to learn some tricks to do a better job on it. So saturday will be filled with fun with Jacqueline.
Now to answer the SBQ of this week:
How many different brands of "complete" embroidery floss sets do youown? How do you keep track of it? (i.e., spread sheet program, indexcards, palm pilot, etc.)
I have a complete set of DMC and GAST and I have a lot of other specialty flosses, but they aren't complete. I also think GAST is not totally complete, but I only miss like 10 colors.
Now it is time to go downstairs again as I am still feeling not good at all. Positive thing is that my book is going fast.


Iris said...

De NHA blijft toch altijd mooi he !!

bunnyhead said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Singular Stitches said...

The block is very pretty!!!

Stomach aches are NOT fun. I hope you're better soon!