Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What a nice mailday

Well it started this morning with the neighbor bringing me a package. I never got a notice from the mailman that it was brought to my neighbor, also don't know if it arrived yesterday or not. Didn't ask her as I was in a hurry for getting to work.

I got a nice surprise from Debbie of BAPXSRAK list. It was a finished piece "High hopes"from Just Nan and I am already thinking how to finish it, but I am sure I will find a nice way. I am thinking of a pinkeep or a hanger, but you will all see later after my vacation.
I was thinking this was another package as I was expecting also a package from a shop, by the way I was expecting two packages, one with fabrics and one with all sorts of pins.
Than when I returned home I had two envelopes waiting for me one was a bill for a birthday package I had send to someone through a shop. The other one I thought was the pin package, but it was also another. First after opening I saw this and that looked already so great. Than when opening I saw this beautifull pinkeep from Chris . It looks like a just nan design, but I don't know which one it is. I just love how she finished it. It is her first, but it is perfect already. This was for the SBEBB needlework smalls exchange and we desided to do a pinkeep. She also included some beautifull goodies.
Last week I also got a RAK from Andrea through the Rak Registry and she got me this nice chart from my wishlist.
Well now it is time to go. Last weekend I finished 4 PIF gifts only one more to go and I hope to send them out right after my vacation.
Well the doorbell just rang and I have now my pinpackage too. It is from the Crafty Elephant ( I believe I have that shop also from Andrea) and I have to say very nicely packed and great and fast service.

Hope to finish page 5 of Little red riding hood tonight and than I will stitch my trip around the world exchange.


Vonna said...

WOW! I should say that is a redletter day for you Judith!

Dawn said...

Chris did a wonderful job on the pinkeep! It's gorgeous:)

Emilie said...

I agree - what fun to come home to such nice mail.
I think the pattern is Royal Blossoms - I think a special Nashville freebie. So nice to see what it looks like stitched - I have it in my stash waiting for a few free minutes. Chris did a lovely job.

Soed idee said...

Had jij even een hoop geweldige post! Leuk is dat hè, als er zulke dingen in je brievenbus komen?