Sunday, May 03, 2009

stashbusting report week 18

Well not a good week as I worked on a work already started, but as I haven´t busted the fabric yet I will have a big bust when the top is completed (14.5 meter).
This came in 6 meter. I just had to buy with the precut sale at the fatquartershop. I bought a jellyroll from candykisses and a jellyroll and layercake from Gypsy Rose.

Fabric in week 18: 6 meter
Fabric in this year: 35.05 meter

Fabric out this week: 0 meter
Fabric out this year: 33.05 meter


Mary-Kay said...

Well, you still have more than half the year left to use up some of that new fabric. All fabric must age a little before being used in a quilt.

Vicki said...

What are you going to use the jelly rolls for? I love the mystery quilt you are working on. I agree, I have to work on one quilt project at a time or I NEVER get anything done. However, I have several crafts going at once for different times of the day-watching TV i handsew or knit, etc.