Saturday, October 10, 2009

stashbusting report week 41

Oops don't want to talk about it, but most of it is for backings, also a quilt for my colleague and some charmpacks with yardage.
But when I get lots of sewing time, I will be able use lots of yardage for backings in the coming weeks.

Fabric in week 41: 13.15 meter
Fabric out week 41: 0 meter

Fabric in 2009: 133.25 meter
Fabric out 2009: 120.80 meter

Fabric busted in 2009: 12.45 meter


madammeke ongeduld said...

dit zijn wel heel mooie quilts

Lori in South Dakota said...

we ALL have weeks like that!

Dianne B. in England said...

That's not so bad. You will use it up soon enough! :) Take care, Dianne

Annelein Design said...

Dat is heel veel meter stof. Dat red ik bij lange na niet...

marleen said...

zeg ik wacht op de herst quilt .ben benieuwd hoe hij er uit gaat zien