Sunday, October 25, 2009

stashbusting report week 43

A very good report for this week. Only the new bom block came in and I used 5 meter of backing for my gobble quilt, which I should be quilting soon.
There are no orders coming in, but this week will also not be filled with quilting stuff as I plan to work on some cloths. So probaly not will there be a lot happening on the stashbusting front. But I plan to make fabric selections for my sscs gift that has to be made soon and for a quilt for my colleague.

Fabric in week 43: 0.25 meter
Fabric out week 43: 5 meter

Fabric in 2009: 133.50 meter
Fabric out 2009: 126.30 meter

1 comment:

Lori said...

"A very good report"
Good for you.
But I see what you have been up to, with your crossstitch. You are very talented.