Sunday, April 11, 2010

stashbusting week 15

I just love stashbusting and I am really seeing my stash go down.

This week some fabric came back in the stash from the carolina christmas mysterie as I didn't like the outcome of the mysterie and because I wasn't that far yet I could stop easily. 3 meter in from the fabric that were leftover.

Than the fabric that went out. First I have busted fabric for the backings and bindings from the schnibbles quilts Sunday Best and Tagalong. I also busted fabric for the binding of the mysteriequilt on the pic. My mother called me wednesday that the quilt was finished. I think I gave it to her in september to quilt it by hand. She loved it very much and asked if she could quilt it. She wanted to finish it before it gets warmer (I said that she also could quilt on it next winter, but she wanted to finish it now) and so she did. So I made the binding and as soon as the quilt it home again I will finish the binding.
I also busted fabric for a new quilt. I started a new one and I call it turning pink. It is done with a Candy Kisses. Already going great with putting it together and hope to have it finished this weekend. I will also need some fabric from my stash, but don't know yet which piece and how big it will be.
Fabric in week 15: 3 meter
Fabric out week 15: 6.20 meter
Fabric in 2010: 69.70 meter
Fabric out 2010: 94.80 meter
Fabric busted: 25.10 meter
I have to say there is an envelope on it's way with fabrics, but I am sure they will get all used this year LOL.


Quiltsmiles said...

WOW! I love your quilt pictured above. It's gorgeous. What pattern is this? Your colors and quilt are stunningly beautiful. Great numbers for stashbusting too. I am so impressed. Jane

Quiltsmiles said...
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Dianne said...

This quilt is stunning! It reminds me of Martina Weber's (Chatelaine Designs) mandala cross-stitch patterns. Absolutely beautiful!

Vicki said...

Very pretty indeed, and to bust 25 yards in a week, WOW!!

Jantine said...

YOu are lucky with a mom who loves to handquilt your quilts! The quilt on the picture is beautiful!

Amy said...

I too like the quilt in the photo. I thought your fabric choice of Bar Harbor was great for the Tagalong quilt. I think I like the pattern better in these colors. Great job on your completed projects.

Anonymous said...

Love the quilt, you have done a super job.

Terrific job on the stash busting. Personally I think if we use a little, we are more comfortable with a little coming back in;-)


Lori said...

Really pretty quilt, sure Spring colors. Great job busting stash, I'm going the wrong way :-)

Rhonda said...

Absolutely stunning quilt! You know that stashbusting leads to fabic growth....LOL

Margeeth said...

Goed zo!

Als ik zo zie hoeveel er bij jou uit gaat en weer bijkomt dan wordt ik wel heel erg nieuwsgierig naar hoe je stash er eigenlijk uitziet. Kun je eens een foto plaatsen? (ik zou wel willen beloven dat ik dan dus ook een foto van mijn stash plaats, maar de helft ligt ivm de verhuizing ingepakt bij mijn schoonmoeder op zolder, dus dat wordt op dit moment een beetje lastig).

Lori said...

you've been busy!~