Monday, April 12, 2010

Turning pink and stash

Margeeth asked for a pic of my stash and off course I am always listening to questions, so here it is. About this first pic. These are the jellyrolls, fq-bundles, charmpacks and layercakes I owe. Behind the fqbundles there is also a jellyroll and you see a bit of fabric from astor manor.With the fqbundles, jellyrolls and layercakes I have already planned which quilts I am making of them.
Layer Cake Gypsy Rose - Ridley
Astor Manor fq bundle - Opening Day
Garden Party bundle- Summer Rental
Roses the noel fq bundle - Summer Wind

Than the next pic is the rest of the stash minus 15 yards black and 15 yards Ivory bella solids who are in front of the closet. The lowest blue box isn't with fabric, but with batting. The rest is sorted on color. And you see a bit of a small green box which is filled with 2.5 inch strips. The highest blue box is filled with fabrics that match the bundles, etc of the other pic.

I also wanted to show you a pic of turning pink as far as I am now.

Next to it is a row of boxes with stitching stuff. And at the other ends there are also two rows of boxes, but than with sewing fabrics for cloths.


Margeeth said...

Your stash is much smaller then I thought it was. You buy a lot, but you also use a lot, so your stash doesn't get out of hand.

How do you like the Ikea storage solution (I will have to buy new storage and am considering buying the same).

Yvonne aka sommeke said...

Ja, dat valt eigenlijk nog mee, ik dacht ook aan meer. Wel netjes opgeruimd, hé!
'k Heb je nieuwe projecten ook eens bekeken, mooooooooooi!