Saturday, May 08, 2010

Still alive

I am still alive, just very silent due to my coming vacation. It needs a lot of planning and searching on the internet. I have made reservations at the first 2 bed and breakfasts. Have looked for train information in France. Our longest trip will be a bit more than 80 km, which is very far by bike. I am sure my legs will be hurting by than and I will hate my saddle by than. LOL lucky for us most part of that ride is downhill out of the jura. Hope the weather will be better by than.
Today I have to work on my 1930 quilt to get the border on, as my parents will come visit tomorrow (like my mother said she will come eat on mother's day) and she wants desperately quilt my 1930 quilt. Showed it 2 weeks ago without the borders to her to ask her if she wanted to quilt it and she would love to do it.
For diner we will eat lamb cooked for 5 hours with vegetables, wine and some other things by Jamie Oliver.
Also I really need to tell you how my little vacation was last weekend. Hope to do that today.


Anonymous said...

Can you set an extra place setting for me for dinner - that lamb sounds delicious!! :D

Yvonne aka sommeke said...

Hé, ik wil ook wel mee eten! ;-)