Thursday, February 15, 2007

HEAD progress

Here is my progress on Little red riding hood which is a heaven and earth design.What you see on the pic is curtains or at least the beginning of the curtains. I have done now two pages and am busy with the next two as page 3 is very boring I do it stitch by stitch and page 9 is what is going on in the left bottom corner.
For the people that askedabout the stitching chair here is the pic of it. Just heard yesterday that it is on it's way.
Tomorrow I will go to a dutch crafting market or show, not sure how to call it, the whole day and I am sure I will need the weekend to rest. So I will stitch my biscornu for the exchange and work on little red riding hood some more.


cathymk said...

It's coming along splendidly!!

Carol said...

Wow, that is really quite impressive progress!

catandturtle said...

This looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, your HAED looks wonderful, many people have posted there HAED progress today, which is great for me because tomorrow I'm going to work on mine and it's giving me great inspiration.

Nancy in IL said...

Smokey, you never cease to amaze me! I buy charts and look at them, such as HAED, and you eventually buy the same kind and before I even know you have it, you've got a good start on one that I keep looking at ;-) I can't wait to see your progress. I just love the HAED designs!! Nice progress!

Kitt said...

Uff Da! That's a lot of red! Are you cross-eyed yet?
Great work Judith!
My chair is on the way too! I'm so excited I just know all my other WIP's are going to be put aside for it!
Keep us posted on your chair progress!