Friday, February 16, 2007

My new stash

I just came back from the crafting show and here a pic of what I bought.

One kit for kartonnage a 1001 things box

A Jelly roll from Moda fabrics from the Folklorique line by Fig Tree
The Lavender Rose Sewing Case from Fancy Works
English Garden Pocket - The Drawn Thread
Autumn Sewing Roll - The needle's Content


Morah said...

Dotcha just love the packaging on those silly jelly rolls! I wanted so badly to buy on just cause they look so cute!

Screen Door said...

Awesomes purchases-- What will become of the jellyroll?

catandturtle said...

Cool jellyroll. I love Moda fabrics. Ann.

Cynthia said...

you have some lovely things at the craft show.

Bonnie said...

OK, I admit it - I don't know what a jelly roll is. Is it strips of fabric? How wide are the strips? If my assumption is correct, it sounds like a great way to get a sample of a line of fabric.

Pam said...

Looks like you bought some good stuff. Do you have a plan for the jelly roll? Curious minds want to know - LOL