Friday, April 06, 2007


A little game will be coming on this blog soon. As my nephew doesn't care for bears anymore I have been thinking of getting animal shelf in a little drawing. I have to thank how I will do it. If I will let you call numbers or just let you e-mail me and I will draw a name after a period. You will see later.
I want to wish everyone a happy easter. I have a long weekend. I was off from work like every week yesterday noon and won't be back there till tuesday. I am intedning to stitch a lot this weekend. Finish animal shelf, sandwich the quilt for job and start quilting that one, maybe work on one of the mysterie quilts, sew some cloths and try to decide what to stitch for the ABC exchange which is due at the end of this month. I have just to much ideas. I found a cute freebie, but no idea how to finish. I found some nice designs in my stash, but I am doubting if I will have enough time to finish it. The two next weekends are very busy for me as the 14th I will be having a quiltingbee and the 21st I will have a stitching/craftingbee, both will be the whole day, also the 22nd my parents will come to take a long bikeride in our province together with us.
For the pinkeep I have already an idea for very long as soon as I knew who my partner was :-) Also the Garden Themed exchange and the may flower exchange aren't a problem as for the garde themed exchange I knew what to stitch when I saw my partners name and for the may flower I already had a good idea and now I can go and make it, but the ABC one stays a bit of a problem.
This past two weeks I finished reading cross country quilters and the runaway quilt and loved both a lot. Now I am busy in the quilt legacy if I am not mistaking.
Yesterday I pieced the first block of a quilter's journey from Leanne's house and I am busy with the stitchery and just love it. Pic will come when the block is finished.
I am still keeping my fingers crossed that my "Our love of needlework exchange"will arrive at it's new owner soon.
Speak to you all later. It is really time for some luch now.


Screen Door said...

I have been wishing over this quilt. I've been saving my money and plan on maybe ordering it next week. I look so forward to your photos.

gwen said...

Quite a lot of projects on the go there! I am waiting for pictures. I wish you a productive long week-end. Happy Easter!

Diana said...

It sounds like you have enough to keep you busy for weeks! LOL!

Have a happy Easter!

JudyL said...

Happy Easter to you too!