Saturday, June 02, 2007

a lot of things

First I want to thank Sari for the beautifull card she send me as a thank you for the animal shelf she received. It looks really great. Thanks.

Than yesterday late in the evening a package arrived from the UK from Chris. She had me as a partner in the Trip around the world exchange and as she is from Yorkshire she cheared me up with a yorkshire exchange and boy it is beautifull. I am not a teadrinker, but I will let you know what my hubby thinks of the tea.

Yesterday I have been busy with some more dj blocks and I got two of them finished. I was really afraid of this block as the star in the middle is very very very little, but when I was working on it, it wasn't that difficult as I thought it would be.
Than I started this one and well as most of the lines are straight it went very fast.

Than I wanted to sho you all that I still was busy with quilting, but just was to lazy to make a pic. I am going to make Leanne's House's "Journey of a Quilter"and this is block 6. I got that as my first block in a monthly shipment. I am doing the stitcheries in little steps a time, most of the time on thursday and fridays when I am home alone. I already have block 7 and 4 waiting for me and 1,2,3 and 5 are on their way here, but that package is taking a long time to arrrive. Today I will piece together block 4 and 7, so that I can start that stitchery too.

Yesterday I have worked o my summer exchange and I am not really happy with it. Will have to work some more on it. The Garden Themed exchange is now finished and will go in the mail monday.


Linda said...

Judith I just love your Journey of a Quilter block, so pretty. She makes wonderful patterns, doesn't she?

katrien said...

Hé Judith,je hebt weer wat werk verzet.Ook bezig met de DJ zie ik nu pas.En die quilt van Leanne vind ik gewoon prachtig.patchen en borduren combineren,heel mooi.

Yvonne said...

Ooooh en Aaaaah vooral voor de Journey of a Quilter!