Saturday, April 28, 2007

I am addicted

I am addicted to cartonnage since my workshop. This one was planned to be a PIF gift, but I just like it myself to much. So it stays here. I already put a lot of addresses and phonenumbers in there.

Received ABC exchange

Today I received the ABC exchange from Heleneon the SBEBB forum and I just love it.
I also finished the May Flower exchange and next week I going to send out 2 exchanges, probaly around thursday.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Finally Found

I had to look for beads for a design I will stitch for the garden themed exchange and I thought well just look for those for "take time to quilt - spring" too as I am now busy with the beads and well finally I found them. I have it marked down already as finished, but still hadn't done the beads. But now I can go and finish it and start the next season.
Also have the design ready for the trip around the world exchange and found the fabby and floss for it. I finished the pinkeep exchange and I am getting better in making them everytime.

Where was my head...

when I signed up for the exchanges. The pinkeep and may flower are ready to be finished, so they aren't the problem, but both sending dates for the trip around the world and the garden exchange fall right in my vacation and so I only have two weeks to get them stitched and finished both within two weeks. Can you see me stressed now and just me thinking I could relax and stitch on little red riding hood this weekend won't work. Well the garden themed exchange is due after my vacatio, so maybe I can prospone the finishing till the week after my vacation.

I also thought about going and finish quilting the quilt for my nephew, but it looks like that has to wait. Positive thing is that I have bought everything for the 5 PIF gifts and I hope to send them before my vacation too, but that isn't the most important thing. I am now of the computer and going to do the finishing on the pinkeep exchange and after that stitch the trip around the world exchange.

Life is going great. I just had some bad days this past week as I was very very very tired from the weekend, but well I survived and this weekend is very long as monday is queensday and that is a national holiday.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Mysterie exchange was received by ...

Svenja and she likes it :-) It was my first Tie on pillow and I loved making it. I am certainly going to make more. Tomorrow I have to do a lot of stitching on the ABC exchange as it has to go out no later than saturday. I am 3/4 finished with the stitching now. After that there is no time to relax, but I have to stitch and finish the pinkeep exchange right after that and than the may flower exchange. After that I hpe to have a week to stitch on little red riding hood again.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Had a great weekend

Just a short note to say I am back and to show a pic of the box I made as a gift for the dutch get together (quilts and stitching) saturday.
It is a small kartonnage box which I loved making.
The bikeride was great today, but I am now vey exhausted. That is why I am writing a short message.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Received mysterie exchange

Yesterday I received my mysterie exchange from Outi and she stitched a design that will be avaiable next month and it is just so lovely. She made it in a gorgeous needleroll and included some great goodies.
I won't be around this weekend as tomorrow we will be having a dutch stitch together at Jacqueline her home with dutch and belgian people. First I had to go by train there as after that we will be going to my parents home and Jacqueline lives half way between our home and their home. But I talked hime into going to the sauna. There is a big saunacomplex in her village and just around the corner of her house. So he and I both will have a great day. My present is ready and packed, pic will follow sunday or after the weekend depends on how late we will be returning. Saturday we will go out for diner with my parents to a restaurant where they serve some nice food from India. Sunday we will take a bikeride of 50 km.
Mail to Finland was very fast I posted the drawing price wednesday and today it already arrived at Sari her doorstep and I hope all those finnish ladies are saying nice things about it in the comments section as I really can make anything out of it ;-) My finnish is a bit gone after 4 years when I was there on a holiday and we already had the difficulties of understanding some.
There will be another drawing in a few posts, but I won;t say what it will be, but I saw that my 300 post is coming soon in 9 posts. I am going to make something and the winner will get it, but that will be in a week or two I think.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Finished bag

I started the front, back and side of this bag last weekend and yesterday I put it together on sewingclass. There is even a zipper in it. First it was mend to be a present, but now I decided to keep it myself as I just love it. It is from fabrics I had left from making a comfortquilt last year around this time.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Little red riding hood progress

Here is my progress of little red riding hood. I have stitched this past weeke and weekend on it and have finished more than a page. When I finish this page I have finished 4 so far.
You can find a whole pic here You can see now something from where I am.
Tonight I am having sewing class and I hope to finish a bag I am making from stash only.
I will be stitching on Little red riding hood another week.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Our love of needlework exchange received

I just received the our love of needlework exchange from Myrna. A beautifull needleroll and some nice goodies. I am very happy with it.
I will put up a pic of little red riding hood tomorrow after we have done our big bikingtour as the weather is just very very very beautifull at the moment.

Friday, April 13, 2007

And the winner is....

I just let a randomizer programm choose a number. I had 36 people for the drawing and the program choose number 11 and that is Sari . I will e-mail you right away for your address and than it will go on it's way next week.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I just love doing kartonnage, but the victorian sewing box wasn't my first project. The first one was this box I made for the Our Love of Needlework exchange at SBEBB. For this one I stitched "For a special stitcher" from Elizabeth designs. It had to be something which had to do with stitching and as I wanted to make her a "1001 things" box. I had to have a design which was the correct size. You see on this pic how lovely it looks open, also I did a great job on using my stashfabrics as both fabrics are from my stash.
Tuesday I had my last lesson for the victorian sewing box, but as I didn;t had time to put on the cats already I did that this afternoon . I had a nice chat with the ladies of the group tuesday evening and also today with only the owner of the shop it was very nice chatting. I already want to make some more. I saw a box for putting your quiltblocks in and that was a nice idea too. I am almost ready with page 3 of Little red riding hood, only 50 stitches left so probaly a new pic will come this weekend.
Also two more days to sign up for the drawing.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Finished Animal Shelf

I just put in the last french knot a few minutes ago. Now for the drawing. Just send me your name in an e-mail to with your e-mailaddress and I will draw a name from a bowl next weekend.

Friday, April 06, 2007


A little game will be coming on this blog soon. As my nephew doesn't care for bears anymore I have been thinking of getting animal shelf in a little drawing. I have to thank how I will do it. If I will let you call numbers or just let you e-mail me and I will draw a name after a period. You will see later.
I want to wish everyone a happy easter. I have a long weekend. I was off from work like every week yesterday noon and won't be back there till tuesday. I am intedning to stitch a lot this weekend. Finish animal shelf, sandwich the quilt for job and start quilting that one, maybe work on one of the mysterie quilts, sew some cloths and try to decide what to stitch for the ABC exchange which is due at the end of this month. I have just to much ideas. I found a cute freebie, but no idea how to finish. I found some nice designs in my stash, but I am doubting if I will have enough time to finish it. The two next weekends are very busy for me as the 14th I will be having a quiltingbee and the 21st I will have a stitching/craftingbee, both will be the whole day, also the 22nd my parents will come to take a long bikeride in our province together with us.
For the pinkeep I have already an idea for very long as soon as I knew who my partner was :-) Also the Garden Themed exchange and the may flower exchange aren't a problem as for the garde themed exchange I knew what to stitch when I saw my partners name and for the may flower I already had a good idea and now I can go and make it, but the ABC one stays a bit of a problem.
This past two weeks I finished reading cross country quilters and the runaway quilt and loved both a lot. Now I am busy in the quilt legacy if I am not mistaking.
Yesterday I pieced the first block of a quilter's journey from Leanne's house and I am busy with the stitchery and just love it. Pic will come when the block is finished.
I am still keeping my fingers crossed that my "Our love of needlework exchange"will arrive at it's new owner soon.
Speak to you all later. It is really time for some luch now.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I am sewing like crazy and...

I just love doing it here. Here is the shirt I made second, but now in my body and the new project I made the pants. I am very happy with how it turned out. Now I have to decide what to make next.
Yesterday I got the first BOM from Leanne's house "A Quilter's Journey", which is block 6 and I a already looking forward of starting it, maybe thursday afternoon. I had a question for that and I hope you all will be reading still. What is weaveline? She says to put it behind your stitcherie, but me and also not my LQS/Sewing store don't know what it is. So if anybody can telle me please do so. Maybe we have something similar here.