Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter doll quilt finished

Today I totally finished my winter doll quilt. I have been stippling in the background, put the binding and label on it and I hope to send it out friday. I loved making it and hope my partner will like it too.
Lucky me yesterday the LQS was open again, she was closed for 3 weeks for her vacation, but now she was back. I received part 5 of the BOM (it can also be part 6, not totally sure. Made an appointment to bast "Lentekriebels" on february 7. February 6 I will have a workshop at the shop, just don't know the english name of "Glas in Lood" , but it is like the windows in churches.
I also purchased fabrics for the Round Robin I have here (the blue and white pile of fabrics in the picture. Backing fabric for the Nature's trail fabrics quilt (the brown fabric), also batting, so I will be basting that one this weekend.
And fabric for the binding of "Lentekriebels" and quilting thread. The fabric is for the same serie as the Kaffe Fassett that is in my quilt. It looks very good with it.
When I saw she didn;t have that much batting anymore I asked if she could already cut my batting for the big quilt and with the piece I needed for the other quilt, she is now totally out of cotton batting.


Katrien said...

wat een leuk winterquiltje.

Kathy A. said...

Wow, your quilt is gorgeous! and all those goodies to do smoe more. Nice work girl.