Friday, July 11, 2008

Great mail day

Today my DH went to the postoffice to collect a package for me from and well I ordered some nice ones.
First Simplicity 4277. I have to say I like all the tunics very much. I am also sure I probaly will make a few of them. Just have to see which fabrics I will be using. From simplicity 2948 B, C and E very much. All have a very good chance to get used.
From simplicity 3697 I only don't like the sleeves on A, but the rest of them I really love.
Well from simplicity 3699 I like the V-neck very much, the round neck I am not sure of.
I am a big fan of A, B, E and F. The first top is not really my thing and the skirt I am not totally sure of.
From simplicity 4164 I like all the tunics, but D will get other sleeves that is sure.

I hope to show some sewing in a week or two. I have some fabrics that maybe work for these or when I can drive a car again I will go shopping for fabrics.


Teresa said...

Looking at your patterns makes me want to make some clothes again.

Tanja said...

Hello from a Dutch girl in Phoenix, Arizona.
When I lived in Holland I used to sew a lot. Here in America clothes are so cheap, and I have so much choice even in my plus size, that I haven't touched my machine in a long time.

Guess that will change once I move back to Holland.


Shelleen said...

I like the patterns. Hope you show us pics of your sewing.

Mac said...

Oh wat een enige patronen! Ik heb meteen gekeken bij de link die je gaf en ik denk dat ik snel ook zelf wat ga uitzoeken. Ik heb genoeg stof in de kast liggen, dus ik kan meteen aan de gang.

What a lovely patterns!! I immediately clicked on the url you gave and I'm sure I'm going to order some. Lots of fabrics in stock, so I can get started right away!
Hugz, Mac

Sandra said...

Wow wat een schitterende patronen heb je besteld, helemaal mijn smaak! Ben benieuwd naar je creaties. Ook ben ik wel benieuwd naar de stoffen die je gaat gebruiken (fotooooo!!)

Enne... als je ergens niet uitkomt (wat ik niet verwacht want jij bent zo'n knappe knutselaar), denk dan aan het forum van Sancho, hè. Ook leuk om ze daar in de vitrine te zetten...

Groetjes, Sandra