Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Little red riding hood and fabrics

I have been busily stitching on LRRH. Here is a pic of not the total piece as I am just to tired to spread it. I have now finished 20 pages.

Today my new sewing fabrics came in. The ecru fabric will be a skirt and the rest will be tunics. Hope to have some time

in the next days to start sewing, but it depends on how I feel.


Redwitch said...

Amazing stitching!

Lovely fabrics too, look forward to seeing the tunics :)

Twana said...

Congratulations on finishing page 20 and an even bigger one on walking again! It may just be 10 steps now, but soon it will be 20 and then more. LRRH is looking really good!

inge said...

lovely fabrics!

jennilynn said...

LRRH is looking great. Congrats on walking again. I can't wait to see the tunics and skirt that you are going to be sewing.

Nancy said...

Congrats on such wonderful progress on this one, the wolf is just amazing looking!