Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mailman was busy

My mailman got a load of mail for me. I heard him doing it in three time in my mailbox otherwise it wouldn't fit.

There was already a second envelope for my birthday and I have put it away till the 25th. Than I had to decide what to open first. Well one I felt at the envelope and I knew that was my winter doll quilt, so I just had to open the package from Cathy as that was something I didn't expect and when I opened it I found the Gratefull heart exchange. This exchange was run already at the end of august beginning of September, but I never got something, my original partner never send, so Cathy made me a replacement. She made this gorgeous Hardanger Heart and also a few lovely goodies which I like all. The fabric is gorgeous also the chart and floss is very yummie. Thanks Cathy for this beautifull exchange. I have to say I felt a little emotional, because sje thought of me. A few big kisses for you.

Than I really had to go and open the other package. As I said I was almost certain that it was the winter doll quilt and off course it was. I got a beautifull quilt from Paula. Love the look of it very much. It is totally my thing. Also got a pattern to make aprons and a bunch of DMC which I always can use. I already am thinking about making the apron.

Today I also got my name for the "Here's to ewe" exchange, already received the tea time exchange a week ago so I can go and work on both of them soon, but first I really have to finish my NHA block and it is really almost finished. Thank only 6 more to go.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fob exchange

Today I heard from Dawn that the scissorfob I stitched for her arrived at her place. It is butterfly fob from The needle's Content. I love stitching her designs. Also included some silks that can be viewed on Dawn her site and a postcard of my city.
Yesterday evening I had sewing class and my skirt is almost finished. Also I hope to finish my next block on NHA tomorrow or maybe even tonight.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Here is something

Yeah just to show you I really am doing something, this is an Round Robin and the last corners are from me, after the dark fabric small border. I had to put in off point and now I have to do the peieced border on this one, already decided what to do, just have to go and sew.

Tomorrow evening I hope to baste a another quilt, so I can quilt it and send it out, it will be late at the receiver, but as she doesn't know she will be receiving anything it won't be a problem.

Today I heard my first birthdaypackage was send, so I have something to look forward to the coming weeks. Also the doll quilt is in the mail to me and I will also be receiving a scissorfon from the exchange, so my mailbox will be loaded. And yesterday I bought two fabrics from Roman Holiday from Moda to make another charm pack quilt, maybe for me, maybe for my mother, maybe for someone else.

Friday, January 25, 2008

new patterns

Well I am working very hard on a quilt and am stitching like cray on Nature's Homae Afghan, when this block is finished I will make a pic to show them. Also got my teatime exchange partner and now I have to choose what to stitch. This week also Annemarie her RR came in the mail and I decided what to stitch, now I just have to go and stitch it. Also decided what to do on Connie's quilt RR and hope to work on that one this weekend. All 3 have a deadline in the first two weeks in March, so I have to spread it a bit, set some priorities.

On the pic you see two patterns that I bought here, when you clcok on-linestore you can read it in english and french. They are two miniquilts, "Flowerfestival" and "where in my body". They are planned to work on some time soon.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter doll quilt finished

Today I totally finished my winter doll quilt. I have been stippling in the background, put the binding and label on it and I hope to send it out friday. I loved making it and hope my partner will like it too.
Lucky me yesterday the LQS was open again, she was closed for 3 weeks for her vacation, but now she was back. I received part 5 of the BOM (it can also be part 6, not totally sure. Made an appointment to bast "Lentekriebels" on february 7. February 6 I will have a workshop at the shop, just don't know the english name of "Glas in Lood" , but it is like the windows in churches.
I also purchased fabrics for the Round Robin I have here (the blue and white pile of fabrics in the picture. Backing fabric for the Nature's trail fabrics quilt (the brown fabric), also batting, so I will be basting that one this weekend.
And fabric for the binding of "Lentekriebels" and quilting thread. The fabric is for the same serie as the Kaffe Fassett that is in my quilt. It looks very good with it.
When I saw she didn;t have that much batting anymore I asked if she could already cut my batting for the big quilt and with the piece I needed for the other quilt, she is now totally out of cotton batting.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I know now what the problem is!!!

I had a problem with my craftingroom for a few years now, but never could figure out what the problem was. Well I finally figured it out. When we moved here I only had one hobby which was stitching and now I have 3, which is two more hobbies and both are getting bigger and bigger. I have now emptied one closet and organized all the charts that were in that one in another sytem, so it could go with the rest in the other closet. Now the other closet will be the sewing and quilting closet. Still busy with that one. Hopefully after the weekend my room looks great again with only my sewingmachine and ironing board outside closets and the rest in it.

The pic is Romeo and Juliett for TW whc I stitch years ago and as I hate posts with no pics I just had to put a pic in.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Received a RAK and a question

I received a beautifull RAK from Debbie . Thank you very much.

Today I have been finishing the scissorfob for the exchange. I am very happy about the result and it will go in the mail this week hopefully.

Also I have been working on my winter dollquilt and here is a pic of it so far. Still have to do the label and the binding, but that will be finished tonight. It is a quilt being me in modern spirits.

I still stitching on block 23 of NHA and well it is going great. Hopefully this block will be finished in the weekend and than on to the next large one.

Also a question. I am looking for 30's quilt fabrics, where is a good store to find lots of them online. I want to make a quilt of Lori Smith in 30's and I need a lot of them.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

You make my day

I received the "You make my day" award from Susan and well I am very happy to receive. I just wanted to say I am giving it to everyone that reads my blog now and than. I am always very gratefull for everyone that looks at my blog and I like the ones commenting also very much. Than you know your blog has really some readers.

The stitching is an oldie that I never showed on my blog. It was finished 5 years ago as a present for my SIL for her mariage.

Thanks all for the nice compliments on my quilt. Yesterday at the store where I have my sewing lessons I bought the backing for my quilt. All the other people there were shocked with the beauty and I told Hennie our teacher that when the quilting is ready on time I will let it hang on their exhibition at the end of april with the flowerfestivals in Anna Paulowna. I won't be seeing it myself haning it there as I will be than on my vacation.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I am so happy

Tonight I finished "Lentekriebels" (english it will be something like the feel of spring).

I will do some applique on the backing when the quilting is ready with a bee and flower for the lable. Just have to think how to design that, but I will find something. The top is around 94" square.

I started working on the top january 8th 2006, so it took me a bit longer than 2 years.

Now which top to finish next. I am thinking of Journey of a quilter.

SSCS and a finish

I heard from Hazel that she has received my little present.

It is from the same designer as the one for Barbara, this time it is a dog you can recognise. I don't know if you know the saying a wolf in sheepscloths, well the one for Barbara was a pig in sheepscloths.

Here also a pic from my secret santa exchange, I love everything. Jessica really spoild me. There is still one exchange I never received and that is one that was due in september, so I am a bit said about it.

I just read a positive not that SBEBB will remain open. Yeah I am now a very happy camper, but I am not going to do as many as this past year.

There also came in some fabrics I bought for 3 quilts. I am thinking to make the strawberrie one for myself, the roman holiday for my mom and the trail adventures will be for a friend.

First time I am going to use charmpacks, so I will see if I like them or not. The Trail adventures will be a simple one as it has to be ready in 2 weeks.

Also a pic of another finish I had, a tape measure cover.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


My SSCS gift arrived here yesterday. I would love to show a pic, but due to the computer crash somehow my photoprogramm isn't working, hope to fix it soon. Thanks Jessica for the beautifull exchange. I love it all.

Another 2007 finish

I made this little wallhanging for Barbara her new baby. It is from nennedesigns, which is a dutch designer. Also the present that went to Nic is from her, but still no word if that exchange arrived, so can't show it.
By the way can anyone see a pig in it? I and my mother and my DH only see a sheep in it, but it is really a pig.

I need some help.

I had a big computer break down. Could someone please send me the link to the crazyexchange forum. I don't have it anymore and I really need to contact Karen for my birthdayexchange partner.