Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stashbusting report week 16

This week I have done some more blocks on my snowball and ninepatch quilt, but for that one I already made the bust. So now on to the new things.
I got my order in from fatquarter shop, a layer cake from Beach house and some yardage from Nature's Chorus.
The layercake went out right away to a new quilt together with another layercake and some yardage I already had in stash. So this weeks bust is:

Fabric in week 16: 3.70 meter
Fabric in this year: 29.05 meter

Fabric out week 16: 3.00 meter
Fabric out in 2009: 32.55 meter

So total busted this year: 3.50 meter

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Vicky said...

A good stash report! I love getting those packages from the Fat Quarter Shop! And I love that picture of your kitty! It makes me smile ever time I see it!