Sunday, April 05, 2009

Stashbusting week 14

Great stashbusting week and I am almost in the positive now that I used more than added. There came in some stash this week, but it wasn't for me but for my mother. So no stash added for me.
Than the stash out, well had a great stashbust as I busted a lot for my new jellyrollquilt in which I use also charmpacks. It is with the Nature's Chorus line and done with ninpatches and snowballblocks. I am thinking about using the layer cake I have from this line for some applique in the snowball blocks, but haven't decided yet. First will be making all the blocks and after that I will see what I will be doing with the snowballs. Will have to bust big time the coming months as in June there will be coming in a lot of fabric as I will be attending the 2009 designer mysterie BOM at the fattquartershop and I have ordered the backing and assembling kit too, so well lots of fabric coming that month. I have planned already some new things to start and also to finish.

Fabric in this week: 0 meter
Fabric in this year: 25.35 meter

Fabric out this week: 5.30 meter
Fabric out this year: 24.05 meter

And yes I am really seeing a little hole getting in my stash LOL.


Stephanie D. said...

Now if you can just keep from filling that little hole!

Brenda said...

Well, by the sounds of it, you know you have stuff coming in, and are working to make sure it won't be that horrible of a addition to the stash... the way I see it, you are creating the habit of sewing and getting things done, so that when that fabric does end up being recorded, you will be is such a habit of using up things, it won't even really show!!! Keep that machine hummming and keep having fun! those are great goals to have!! ;-)