Sunday, August 23, 2009

stash busting report week 34

Well it was a good and a bad week. I busted a lot, but there came also in a lot. But still more busted than added in total.

I have busted some extra zaza fabric to add to the giveaway and also started my 40T quilt, which uses a fqtower.

Than added was layercakes of gobble gobble and some background fabric.

Added and busted were the new block of the mysterie designer BOM.

Fabric in week 34: 16.15 meter

Fabric out week 34: 11.75 meter

Fabric in 2009:93.60 meter

Fabric out 2009: 102.35 meter

Fabric total busted this year: 8.75 meter


Brenda said...

Well, that is still an okay post. If your goal is to have used more than you bring in, you are still in the black!!

Mary-Kay C said...

Hey, where's the cat?

Jackie said...

The Gobble Gobble fabric is cute!

Felicity said...

You really do make the most wonderful quilts!